HWPL Participation & Strong Peace Movement

HWPL Peace Movement, a very Strong Message and HWPL Participation

First, let’s listen to what he says.

Epeli Vakatawa, peace        Peace

<Assistant Manager, Business Department of Fiji One TV/ Epeli Vakatawa/ Fiji>

 For me, the HWPL movement is something I felt in my heart, it’s not something that I only think about. The HWPL movement has a very strong message, and when you compare that to most peace movements, where you hear about people talking about it, signing agreements, but then you don’t see any evidence of practical work being done on the ground. That is why I am very glad to be involved with HWPL because they are actually on the ground.


Epeli Vakatawa, I’d like to extend my hearty welcome to your being involved with HWPL
Through legislation of international peace law of HWPL and the world alliance of religions, we can achieve world peace. And, this is the only answer and the key to World Peace~!!!

HWPL promotes the worldwide network to strengthen individual, organization, and government action to leave and realize the legacy of peace. Your participation and interest will be a tremendous importance in making this world a better place to live. Join us to start making a difference.


— ¯ Participation ¯ —

hwpl peace        peace

⇑⇑⇑ Click image and participate in HWPL ⇑⇑⇑


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