New International Peace Law for World Peace

New International Peace Law
for World Peace

<President of JEF United/ Norbert Kucharik/ Slovakia>

Slovakia, Peace        Peace, Slovakia
I’m getting the feeling that we really can change these things better in Korea.
This simply is a wonderful success that must be heard also outside of Seoul.
This day, world peace and restoration has begun.
A little light in the dark tunnel which will become stronger and stronger by each following day.

Mr. Norbert Kucharik, Just as you said, this day, World Peace and Restoration has already begun from peace activity of HWPL and the peace activity will become stronger.
HWPL is acting out for cessation of war and world peace and Legislation of international law will be the starter. The differences between existing international law and new international law, revised law are the clauses which include definitive solution of religious conflicts.

peace lawReligions are one
in the World of Peace~
To see
the unique features
of the new
international peace law,
Click here
‘Peace Law image’ ☞☞☞


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