WARP Office, Innovative Approach to Religious Dialog

WARP Office,
an Innovative Approach
to Religious Dialog

Source: http://hwpl.kr/initiative/alliance_religions

World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office,
An Innovative Approach to Religious Dialogue


The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Meetings are HWPL’s worldwide peace dialogue series in interfaith relations and scriptural texts. These meetings aim to prevent the conflicts caused by religious misunderstandings and bring forth peace through gaining deeper understandings of the standards and teachings of each religion and the concept of peace spoken about in each scripture. The Peace Offices that engage local and regional communities of all religions are arising all over the world. 179 offices are operating in 88 countries (as of July 2016), covering all continents, Europe, Oceania, America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, CIS and the numbers are increasing. Among various nations, global conflict zones such as the Middle East, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Nigeria have also opened WARP Offices and are taking proactive steps toward peace.

The Peace Office Meetings have become a global movement, and increasing numbers of influential religious leaders go beyond their roles and work as messengers of peace. This innovative task has stirred discussions among leaders of various faiths and has increased interaction between them. It has shown itself to be an effective tool to break down walls between religions and achieve our common goal: peace. These peace office meetings are becoming a way to create bridges between religions in all areas of the globe. Each successive peace meeting has become part of a larger global movement, increasing the number of influential religious leaders going beyond their roles and beginning the work as messengers of peace.


As messengers of peace (~.~), Wow~

By Interfaith Communication, The world of peace! the best heritage!!
Above all kinds of property, the peace is the best heritage to hand down to our later generation.
In World Alliance of ReligionsPeace (WARP) office, religious leaders from each country is gathering to compare their own scriptures to unify religion in one.


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