A Try For Global Peace

“We Need Global Peace” is just a try for global peace



There is peace on every sunrise

But, some people……
Prepare for war, for no reason……
For no reason, they inform the terror……

and then, in a single click,,,
It will all get started




And,,, after all that these are your brothers or may be you,,,
So think about it


I remember fear and I remember the potential of nuclear war. -Jack Scalia


“If the third world war is fought with unclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.” -Lord Louis Mountbatten


It is madness for any country to build its policy with an eye to nuclear war. -Leonid Brezhnev


Nuclear war is such an emotional subject that many people see the weapons themselves as the common enemy of humanity.  -Herman Kahn


Of nuclear war: The living will envy the dead.  -Nikita Khrushchev


The world of peace, the best heritage!

I Think ‘peace’ is the biggest heritage.

The war has to be disappeared even in the dictionary

To hand down peaceful world is the best heritage for all of us.

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