Press Conference For 3rd WARP Summit 2017

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Press Conference for the 3rd Annual commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit Seoul 2017

Around 100 International media professionals showed great interest in and gave applause to the peace activities in the Korean Peninsula

The 10 Articles and 38 Clauses of the DPCW must be Implemented for peace

The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, drafted by prominent legal experts, is already here. All people living in this globe, regardless of who they are, have to work together cessation of war and world peace.


HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee gave this motivational statement at the Press Conference for the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul.

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL explained, North Korea has already done nuclear test 6 times now. In the midst of this current status, HWPL has continued its peace activities, transcending nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. The 3rd Annual commemorative event is being held and participated in nationwide, as well as in various places of the world, at this very moment. We have to cooperate together to participate in these peace initiatives to achieve the ultimate peace.”

The flurry of anticipation filled the conference room as reporters coming from different media agencies raised their hands to ask more questions to HWPL’s Chairman, Man Hee Lee. Also, the questions regarding peace education and the spreading a culture of peace initiatives were thrown to IWPG’s chairwoman.
Around 117 journalists and 105 press agencies from 45 countries including those in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and others participated in the Q&A session. The primary question topics were regarding international law, peace education, women’s peace activities, spreading a culture of peace  initiatives, peace in the Korean peninsula, and religious conflict and peace.


Reporters showed great interest in HWPL’s activities especially those done for the progress of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and its peace-spreading campaigns.

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee proclaimed, “All people yearn for peace, but until now, there was no sustainable method to achieve it since we still have an everyday environment where we are exposed to violence. The 10 Articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW is the method. Furthemore, peace education, as another method to achieve peace, is necessary for all students and citizens.”

Press Conference Q & A Session

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Q) We hear a lot about terrorism and other violent activities occurring throughout the world. Through what methods can we let the world, especially religious groups, hear the voices of peace and respond to the culture of peace?
-Mourad Sellami, Dune Voices, Tunisia

“Religion, as the forerunner of the achievement of peace, must become the light that enlightens the global community. There are many conflicts due to religious misunderstandings. The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP Summit has been initiated due to this cause. What is the promise that we made at the first summit?

Political leaders will implement the law for peace; Religious leaders will become united in God; Organization leaders will practically implement these peace initiatives in the field. The Ultimate reason that religious misunderstandings arise and gaps are continuing to widen is because there is a misunderstanding in the comprehensive understanding of each religious scripture.

The WARP Offices are proving that when leaders of religious communities come together in accordance with the understanding of their religous scriptures, the true alliance of religous will be seen. This is now actively being practiced throughout the world.

Also, for the process of building cessation of war and world peace, the role of the international press is imperative.

The ability to make progress really relies on the efforts of the media to spread this news of peace.”

-Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee


Q) What is the most important thing for women to do
to popularize the peace education curriculum globally?
-Juliana golloshi, Balkan Web, albania

“For the implementation of peace education, I think we need to know the contents of the education as well as its proponents.

In other words, the peace education carried out in this world is based on the mindset of chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and his footsteps for peace. He is the living curriculum of peace education.

At the 2nd commemoration last year, during my speech, I mentioned a code of conduct to the global community. As the fourth point, I stated that peace education should be implemented throughout the world. Since then, peace education has been actively implemented at many schools and education has been actively implemented at many schools and educational institutions.

This education trains children and youth to learn and build their behavior, attitudes, and communication skills to solve conflicts and issues peacefully. HWPL’s Chairman, Man Hee Lee has established IWPG knowing that mothers are the proponents of peace found in the family and in the community. As one wing of HWPL, along with the heart of a mother IWPG supports the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and urges leaders of various sectors of society to join in support as well because the document aims to protect children and women and their rights to enjoy peace.

Peace education has to be practiced from the family level all the way through elementary, middle, and high schools and even to universities. IGOs such as UN and UNESCO are to cooperate with HWPL so that the education will be embedded in our everyday lives in order to cease all conflicts.”

-Chairwoman of IWPG


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Q) What outcomes can we anticipate from this event,
as the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th?
-Thiptawan Teeranaipong, Thai PBS, Thailand

 “All people of the world have to think of the purpose that HWPL pursues and how it is related to the world today. The means of hosting this 3rd Annual Commemorative event is to raise awareness of the issue of peace among many and awaken those people who are asleep in relation to peace.

The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit is not only being held in Seoul but many parts of the world are now also participating. Throughout Korea, too, at this moment, people are lending their ears to this conference.

We have come together to cease all wars and establish peace, and also to urge the world to acknowledge the need for removing weapons of mass destruction.

With those weapons of destruction still in existence, can we really achieve peace in this world? For what purpose were they produced? Aren’t they for war and killing? When war occurs, who goes out to the front line to fight? Aren’t they our children? Do the governments and laws compensate for their sacrifices? In order to make a real compensation, shouldn’t they bring all the victims back to life?

Can we say that those are complete laws and policies? This globe, that is full of life, was given to men as their inheritance. Then, shouldn’t we protect and preserve it? All the politicians and professionals in the political field need to think of and perceive the achievement of peace differently. I also urge all journalists and press to play their role in spreading the messages of peace to all leaders and citizens transparently.”

-Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee


Q) Is there a way to spread peace culture in the most effective way?
-Igor Shevyrov, Izvestia in Ukraine, Ukraine

 “Our purpose is to spread a culture of peace and we, with a passionate heart fo peace, have to become the realities of peace. I think that it should be conveyed with a sense of mission rather than just telling it unilaterally. To convey the news of this peace event, rather than other events, is the most valuable news that all humanity is looking forward to.

All press coming from different parts of the world have now listened to the answers of peace. So, I encourage you to deliver this news through various news platforms and SNS with responsibility. But remember that the proponents are the most important.

Our IWPG will continue to walk with HWPL and put forth every effort to leave the legacy of a world free of wars to future generation through advocating for the establishment of the law for peace and spreading a culture of peace through various women’s peace activities. To those who ar here, once again, I urge everyone to take part actively with the mindset of an owner to deliver the news of peace.”

-Chairwoman of IWPG


Those who gathered at this conference have the responsibility to be the eyes of the global community. Starting from this moment, the press cooperating with HWPL will report the reality of peace to not only their home countries but to all people.

If peace education is performed from childhood, our children won’t hold guns.
We need to educate our children that achieving world peace is extremely natural.

The people on the globe should be the messenger of world peace and work for cessation of war, world peace with the same mind and the same will enthusiastically.
We need to put our mind and will together in order to hand down new era, new world and new life to mankind.

3rd WARP Summit, international ceremony which is sensational and astonishing the world. Let’s watch the event of peace summit~! Click this link ☞

Peace, the Biggest Heritage by DPCW

The Biggest Heritage by DPCW is
World Peace ☞


This generation needs to bequeath peace not war.
The biggest heritage to hand down to our posterity is peace.

Click this link ☞


No one would oppose to peace except one group of people.
No one can block us from going toward peace except people who has purpose of making profit out of war. Don’t you think so?

Let’s clear the darkness out called the war and take the new step toward world peace.

World Peace!
Are you going to end with shouting the slogan only?
For the purpose of world peace, should we achieve the goal?

DPCW is the only answer to bring actual peace to the world.
Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW~!
‘Declaration of international law enactment’ which power of execution was re-verified

Let’s strongly urge each country to legislate international law for peace, DPCW!!!

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL indicated weak points that international law allowed war if necessary. Also he insisted that powerful cessation of war international law is needed to block out the source.

Peace committee of HWPL who agreed on have proceeded conference several times in Korea and London. Within 6 months, powerful execution was shown once more by proclaiming ‘cessation of war world peace legislation of international law declaration.


Let’s pull out the seed of war.
Let’s destroy the minorities’ craving or greedy and let’s plant the seed of peace and build up the new peaceful world.

dpcw, peace

When you go into intensive care unit, you will witness the harsh battle against death. When you go to battleground with full of flame, you will witness the harsh battle for life.

PEACE is no jewelry or accessory.
All our lives depend on it.

Why can’t we keep mankind safe?
Why should we expose our sons and daughters to threats of lives?

Do you think it would not happen to you?
When you think safe, people who has power and minorities’ selfish purpose made war. Those craving neglected production of lethal weapon.

The Peace is no vague.
The international law is made to achieve practical peace.
This is the practical outcomes throughout steps of peace on Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL.

Now no one has the exception.
Let’s stand up and run for world peace for mankind.
For World Peace, DPCW must be settled in the world.

On Sept. 18th, 2017, the 3rd WARP Summit held in South Korea.
Come and see a scene of history for living peace.

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3rd WARP Summit, Sound of Peace 2017

3rd Annual WARP Summit,
Sound of Peace 2017


3rd Annual WARP Summit is coming up. Extermination of war won’t be the wish anymore. The world of peace is coming true in a global village.
Preview of Peace is starting.

3rd Annual WARP Peace Summit Conference is the meeting of people who transcend border, race and religion not only taking their own country’s benefit but also loving world peace only.
If you have not received invitation, even though you have eager to peace, Pease ask nearest HWPL office.

Next, what does Peace Sound like?



SEYED REZA HOSSEINI NASSAB: Present Grand Antollah of Canada

The event (2nd WARP Summit) of last year was well organized and I’ll never forget the beauty and the order of some parts of the program; such as, the amazing show for the sake of the unity of Korea and the role of tens of thousands of youth in different parts of the festivals.



BORIN HY: Editor in Chief, Kampuchea Thmey Daily

I had a great experience participation in each session and conference last year. It was the biggest event that I joined since I was born. Everyone who organized the event was very cheerful and friendly. They are truly trying to help people to work together for peace. For the 3rd annual commemoration this year, I expect an effective action plan especially to promote peace to the youth through workshops, debates, capacity building, and charity. I strongly support the theme and goal of the 3rd WARP summit which is “Establishing Collaborative Governance for Peace”.

Join with us to give a world with a smile, and keep this peaceful world as your legacy for your next generation.



IBTIHJ SALEH: Trainer, Ministry of Education and Higher Education

I would like to thank HWPL for inviting us to this summit and for the efforts of all its members who worked to group us as a family, so we can work together and establish the base that will allow us to preserve the values of justice, equity, respect and love, among other humanitarian values, that aim at spreading the culture of peace by rebuilding citizens’ personalities.

In this 3rd WARP Peace summit, we have to work together and share our experiences and expertise as countries and organizations in order to build a common culture of peace. Thank you HWPL.



MRIDUL UPADHYAY: Asia Coordinator at United Network of Young Peacebuilders

Coming together for peace is the requirement, and this is what I expect most from this event. I expect this WARP Summit to increase cross cultural and interfaith understanding and dialogue. From my personal experiences, I know that having just one friend in a country makes you more sensitive about peace in that country. So, let’s have more and more friends. Why not? After all, fraternity is the key.

As I said, peace is not possible in isolation. I, as the Asia Coordinator of UNOY Peacebuilders, holding one hand with HWPL, extend my other hand towards you to join us and support this initiative of HWPL for a peaceful world.

Start Peace, 3rd WARP Summit 2017

WARP Peace Summit 2017, Event Program

3rd Annual Commemoration of the Sep. 18th WARP Summit Seoul 2017


3rd WARP Sensational peace summit which is astonishing people around the world .

Now, HWPL invites you to the swarmed venue in live.

‘3rd WARP Summit 2017’ Source :

Establishing Collaborative governance for Sustainable Development and Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

  • On 17-19 September 2017, the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th World Alliance of Religions Peace, WARP Summit will be held in Seoul, South Korea.
  • This WARP Summit, held annually since 2014, brings together political and religious leaders, heads of women’s and youth groups, civil society, and press from around the world and provides a platform for discussion and cooperation for peace.
  • This year’s WARP Peace Summit will be held to discuss establishing collaborative governance between governments and civil societies for the following objectives: to transform the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW into legally binding form; to develop education and culture of peace, and to foster harmony amongst religions.
  • There will also be a peace award ceremony for those who have been working in their respective fields for world peace.

peace, hwpl, 3rd WARP Summit

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3rd WARP Summit Invitation From Peace Advocate, Man Hee Lee

Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Peace Summit Invitation


3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Peace Summit in Seoul Republic of Korea,  Invitation video


Peace advocate Man Hee LeeWARP Summit


 Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL

When we take a look at the past and the present, our globe has constantly been at war.

The reason for an international law for peace is to put an end to conflicts and wars.

Wouldn’t it be far better to leave a legacy of peace to our future generations than to leave money or power?

Is peace something that an individual owns for himself?

Or is it something that a single nation can have? It is not.

Everyone in our global village will benefit from the world of peace that we are building together.

Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee Quotes


Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said,

The reason for an international law for peace is

to conflicts and wars!


People in the world are crying out peace!

3rd WARP Peace Summit, legislation of international law, integration of religion and alliance of religions’ office are being held in order to achieve peace~!!

The wind of world peace which is blown in the world!

Lets’s go out to the world with holding hands together by waking up my asleep spirit~!!!



HWPL Peace Work: WARP Summit D-3

HWPL Peace Work:
World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office(WARP Office), WARP Peace Summit, DPCW, Peace Education, and Peace Walk…

Peace Festival which is on live HWPL invites you to impressive venue~
3rd WARP Peace Summit Festival of September 18th~!
It’s coming up soon~!!

D-3, before the 3rd WARP Summit


At the Event with full of peace and cessation of war when HWPL and peace has combined, we invite you all to 3rd WARP Peace Summit Festival ⇒

HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Offices are established in every country, the work of comparing Scriptures began, and the movement of cessation of war and peace is endlessly broadcasted through media and press in every country.
This is an unprecedented work of peace. Universities of different countries are designated as peace schools of the peace organization to implement education on peace, and religious people are recording the law of the ……


WARP Office

28. Jan. 2016 ►HWPL Berlin ►WARP Office Dialogue of Scriptures

HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP

Invitation to WARP Office Dialogue of Scriptures
• Date: Thursday, the 28th of January
• Time: 14:00 to 17:00
• Venue: Rathaus Charlottenburg, Helene Lange Saal (Otto-suhr-allee 100, 10589 Berlin)

We followed the invitation of HWPL with our friend Mr. Ajit Kumar Benadi from Jain International (Germany) e.V., coming from Hamburg to speak at the dialogue for the Jain view. The speakers followed the topic “role of scriptures” in their religion in different but very pleasant ways from abstract to personal views. Essentially all speakers stated that the deeper meaning of each scripture and the level of understanding play an important role in following the path of understanding the truth in life successfully which means peacefully.

The event was very well-organized by the HWPL Berlin Team:

•Mrs. Hara E. Jang, Director Europe
•Mr. Vincent Kwon, International Liaison
•Mr. Markus Roscher, Moderator
•Mrs. Charis Moore, Translator

After the welcome speech of Mrs. Hara E. Jang, Mr. Markus Roscher lead through the program which started with a video of the WARP Summit 2014 showing and explaining reasons and intentions of bringing the religions together for world peace and the accompanying effeorts of HWPL.

HWPL Peace

The list of speakers started with the contribution of Mr. Ljubomir Leontinov, who unfortunately had to leave for another event shortly after his speech, so he is not on the group photo taken at the end of the event.

We enjoyed a lot of talks with the participants (officials, speakers & guests) and took the following photos from the event:
2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin – Participants



※ Participation of HWPL (3 ways to participate of HWPL)⇒

In World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office,  WARP Office, Religious leaders from each country is gathering to compare their own scriptures to unify religion in one.

World Alliance of Religions is the period of war~!!

WARP Peace Summit by HWPL is offering Religious leaders a chance to lead people in the world building up peace by declaration of peace law.

As soon as clicking, you can enter to 3rd WARP Summit in right away: (september. 18th(Mon.) 14:00 KST(GMT+9))


To sensational WARP peace summit which everyone participates in.
I invite peace-loving you all.

The Peace is no vague.
The international law is made to achieve practical peace.
Now, no one has exception.
Let’s stand up and run for world peace for mankind~!
On Sept. 18th, 2017, the 3rd WARP Summit held in Seoul Korea, Come and see a scene of history of living peace. ♦