The Gate To Peace : HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee


You can meet the Gate to Peace, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, if you go at Olympic park in Seoul Korea, at two o’clock.

Peace Walk the Step Heard Round the World 2017

HWPL, Peace Walk 2017 (May 25, 2017)

peace, peacewalk

Live Steaming (English)

peacewalk 2017

Man Hee Lee of HWPL, the Only Gate To Peace!

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, the Only One Gate of Peace Completion!!

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, the One and Only Gate To Peace in the World!!!

Man Hee Lee of HWPL is the only Way and Gate to enter into World of Peace~!!!

hwpl peace

On March 14, 2016, Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL proclaimed legislated ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of war(DPCW)’ in the world.

DPCW, the declaration includes the spirit of heaven wanting peace.

DPCW has 10 articles and 38 clauses. Main contents include reinforcement of existing international law to prevent war.
The differences between existing international law and new, revised law are the clauses which include solution of religious conflicts.


HWPL will deliver these sign-ups which is people’s wishes all around the world and urge UN to legislate DPCW as a bill of binding authority.
Please, participate in the work of peace.

peace“4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace”
Sensational peace festival will be held~♥
Peace Walk 2017,
Coming Soon~!!


Are you ready for peace?
Now is the moment.
We’ve been waiting for today vibrant talk & walk movement
With other peace messengers
Youth & Women
Leaders & Citizens
All around the world walk forward to a bright future from anywhere in the world.
You can talk & walk to spread a culture of Peace.
Are you ready for spreading a culture of world peace?

peace gate

The people on the globe should be the messenger of world peace and work for cessation of war, world peace with the same mind and the same will enthusiastically.

To cease war in the world, to make world peace and to hand down peace to our posterity will be the principle to love peace, people and country.

HWPL is acting out for cessation of war and world peace around the globe.
Among peace activity of HWPL, it includes reunification in the Korean Peninsula.

By the virtue of peace activity of HWPL, the Republic of Korea is known as peace country around the world which is working for peace.

The Cause of conflict is religion.

In alliance of religions’ peace office, religious leaders from each country is gathering to compare their own scriptures to unify religion in one.

Peace, Man Hee LeeDeclaration of world peace, restoration of light which is written by chairman, ManHee Lee, was proclaimed on May 25, 2013 in front of 30 thousand youth from 130 countries.
Declaration of world peace, restoration of light became foundation on achieving peace activity of HWPL.

man hee leeDo we need to go through the war again?
Or do we need to reunify peacefully?
Between war and peace, which side would you like to take?

peace, hwplHWPL is proceeding ‘Legislate 525Peacewalk Campaign’ urging DPCW legislated as international law. Let’s join us~!!!

peaceIn order to hand down peaceful future, we need to achieve legislation of international law and world alliance of religions~!!!

peaceLet’s make world peace by putting our mind and the will together beyond nation, race and religion.

man hee leeThe republic of Korea got split in two when Korean war is occurred.
And it killed more than 4 million people.



Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, As the Peace Ambassador

Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa,
As the Peace Ambassador, he will recommend and sponsor …
to declare Mr. Man Hee Lee


hwpl-member-usa         hwpl-member-usa-sikh


<Ambassador for Sikh Dharma/ Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa/ USA> 

I had never seen an event(WARP Peace Summit) on this large scale representing peace and the call for unity from all over the world among all religions.

This event was one of the most well organized events.

Even many governments and the UN probably cannot put up any event like this majestic WARP Peace Summit hosted by Mr. Man Hee Lee.

I will have no hesitation in recommending, sponsoring, and doing whatever I can to send the strong message to the UN, to the noble organization to declare Mr. Man Hee Lee, as the peace ambassador for this century.



Mr. Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, I agree with you.
I had never seen this event, WARP Peace Summit on this large scale representing peace and the call for unity from all over the world among all religions, too.
The most unforgettable moment to me was the card performance when watching WARP Peace Summit.
There are numerous people and organization that is acting out for peace. 
However, the war and terror hasn’t yet stopped.  
Can we make the war and terror stop? 

The answer of peace is in the HWPL. 
Because HWPL is just the organization which acts out with answer to achieve peace beyond nation, ethnic group, religion and belief. 
Footstep of light to actualize of Mr. Man Hee Lee, HWPL chairman ~! 
‘World Peace’ is coming true by the answer which suggested in WARP peace summit by HWPL.


HWPL Alliance of Religions Peace Diologue

HWPL Peace Alliance of Religions Diologue

Yazidis Join Top Religious Leaders in Irvine,
Discuss Peace and Religious Freedom

Religious leaders from eight different faiths gathered before an audience of 200 University of California, Irvine students for the Alliance of Religions: Dialogue of the Holy Scriptures conference


Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light, HWPL Alliance of Religions Diologue

December 6, 2014, IRVINE, Calif. – Religious leaders from eight different faiths gathered before an audience of 200 University of California, Irvine students for the Alliance of Religions: Dialogue of the Holy Scriptures conference, hosted by international non-profit organization Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL). This December meeting was especially notable as the Chairman of HWPL Mr. Man Hee Lee traveling from South Korea, was able to attend as a keynote speaker.

The program featured a panel of nine distinct religious leaders from across the nation who gathered to progress HWPL’s Office of the Alliance of Religions initiative, wherein religious dignitaries regularly convene to examine teachings of peace within their respective scriptures.

Speaking at the discussion were prominent religious figures including Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa representing the Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere, Bishop Ray Moten representing Christianity, Mr. Waqas Syed of the Islamic Circle of North America, Reverend Hum Dac Bui and Reverend Hong Dang Bui representing Cao Daism, Swami Adriishananda representing Hinduism, Abbot Sokhoeut Phan of the Khmer Buddhist Association, Dr. Patrick Q. Mason representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and finally, Mr. Murad Ismael representing the Yazidi faith, whose religion is victimized at large by The Islamic State in the Middle East.

“Thousands of Yazidi are fleeing from their homes, being persecuted for their faith. An organization like HWPL is a very important step for peace. We need to continue this dialogue to ensure that the human race will be peace” said Ismael

Chairman of HWPL, Peace Advocate Mr. Man Hee Lee, concluded the dialogue with a keynote speech urging leaders to pursue the truth in order to establish a peaceful world. Over the course of the past two years, the 84-year-old Korean War veteran has traveled on 16 world tours, visiting 74 countries to speak with religious leaders, heads of state, youth and non-profit organizations to guide the campaign for a unity of religions and an unprecedented international law for the absolute cessation of war. Most recently, Chairman Man Hee Lee traveled to Romania, where 24 current and former presidents unanimously agreed to work alongside HWPL for the drafting of an international law.

The program concluded in an alliance of religions as leaders all raised their hands, expressing their commitment and pledging to press forward together in unity for the cessation of war. “Regardless of whether you’re religious or not, let’s join together. In the Office of the Alliance of Religions we really need to study each other’s scriptures to see whose can really protect our lives and create a world of peace,” said Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL.

HWP Peace Religions News


Chairman Man Hee Lee “Peace, Protect the Legacy”

Chairman Man Hee Lee “Peace, Protect the Legacy for future generations”

[2nd WARP Summit] “The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to the UN”

HWPL Man Hee Lee

▲ Peace Advocate, Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) – delivers a keynote speech on subject of ‘Peace’ at a ‘Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ held on the September 19th at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel.

International Law Conference

Chairman Man Hee Lee
“Peace, Protect the Legacy for future generations”

Each nations announce to urge for bring in a Bill to the UN

Participants also urge for ‘Enactment of DPCW’


Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), a non-profit NGO which initiates world peace activities worldwide today, has urged on the September 19th for the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)’ to be brought up to the United Nations.

The DPCW has been stipulated, and thus proclaims for ‘global legislation of peace and cessation of war’ such as the prohibition of acts of aggression and weapons in order to bring world peace and protect the legacy for future generations.

During his keynote speech at a ‘Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ where a thousand participants including head of states, chief justices, religious leaders, IGOs and NGOs attended from around the world, Chairman Man-Hee Lee has presented that “DPCW has laid out a foundation for world peace without war” and further urged “The head of states, ministers and legislative bodies should all closely discuss on the matters of DPCW, and should they all agree that this bill does significantly help the lives of humanity, it is imperative for all to endorse the legislation of peace to the United Nations.”

DPCW, which was proclaimed on 14th of March by HWPL, is consisted of 10 Articles and 38 Clauses based on the Charter of the United Nations.

The main point of the DPCW is to further strengthen the existing international law that intends to prevent war. Much detail is included such as prohibiting the use of force, threat and weapons as well as reducing war potentials as a few examples.

The unique differentiation of the DPCW is the articles on promoting peaceful coexistence amongst religions and spreading a culture of peace.

The Conference, which was on the third day of ‘The 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’, was hosted with an objective to discuss the detailed plan of actions to endorse the legislation of DPCW to the United Nations for practical use as an international law.

Chairman Man Hee Lee encouraged the participants “Should we only watch the world collapse from distance apart without any effort of help? Shouldn’t we pass on to successive generations an invaluable inheritance of a world free of wars which both the heaven and earth want?”. He added “Many participants have attended here, let us join together and make world a better place”.

Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), has voiced “War has to be ceased in this generation once and for all. War takes away valuable lives of youth, and is the cause for suppression of human rights blind spot.”

She added the importance for the legislation of international law for cessation of war by stating “Support from worldwide has its own limitations, and there is no safety device to protect the lives of the youths who are the victims of war”. IWPG has been working closely with HWPL in the Legislate Peace Campaign, a global peace advocacy movement which aims to establish an enforcement law compatible with the DPCW.

Key personnel of this Conference all voiced with a consensus for the need of DPCW to be quickly legislated in practice.

▲ Approximately a thousand participants from around the world including head of states, chief justices, religious leaders, IGOs, NGOs attended the Conference on this day.

The former Vice President of Afghanistan, Hon. Karim Khalili, pitiful with the reality of war and violence at the native country, stated “Although achieving peace is not a simple and easy task to be done, DPCW proclaimed by HWPL would be an actual valid and valuable measure of plan to cease war and establish peace.”

Adly Hussein, the Vice Minister of Justice of Egypt spoke “DPCW is very important that it will protect the human rights and thus fulfill peace. It will help find solutions by figuring out the cause of conflict in a very progressive way” and further voiced that “the DPCW should be adopted into international law and be brought into the United Nations.Heads of state must agree to the DPCW to be brought in a bill. A nation could guarantee absolute peace to its people should that nation has its base upon international law founded on the fundamentals of peace.”

Carlos Villan Duran, President of the Spanish Society for International Human Rights Law (SSIHRL), emphasized the active participation of civil society together with each of the government bodies on the implementation process and progressive development of the DPCW, and further stated that “The DPCW provides positive elements to foster the dialogue and reconciliation among religions. International law and organizations settling international disputes through peaceful means are the most effective way”.

Paula Lol ena Rodriguez Lima, the Representative of Latin-America Alliance stated that “To fulfill world peace and cessation of war, it is also equally important to protect the human rights of women”, and further stated that “It will be essential to promote activities by the representatives of women for each countries by urging each of the governments to supportthe DPCW. With that, our rights will be guaranteed and our lives will be protected.”

The ‘2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’ which was hosted by HWPL and superintended by IWPG and IPYG (International Peace Youth Group), proceeded from the September 17th to 19th for 3 days.

Former heads of state, ministers, UN officials, chief justices, NGOs, leaders from women·youth·religion and international press attended on the first day on the September 17th where they all represented each fields of expertise, and the event proceeded with heated debates as to how to develop the DPCW to be brought into the United Nations.

Approximately 100,000 crowd gathered at Jamsil Olympic Stadium for the ‘Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’ on the September 18th where 11,440 youths displayed magnificent and emotional card section on a theme ‘War and Peace’, particularly moving the audience.




Dear All Nations -ManHeeLee

WARP Peace Summit

Dear family members around the world
– Man Hee Lee

manheelee peace advocate


 I am Man Hee Lee, the peace advocate of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL).

It is an honor to be speaking with like-minded believers of peace who dedicate their lives serving their people, country, and creed. As people who share this earth together, the duty appointed to us is to preserve the natural principles and rights of mankind.

As we have seen from the past memories of our forefathers, to ensure that our future generations do not enter such periods of darkness depends on how active we remain to protect what is right and just for humanity.

It is for this reason that I, to this day, continue to act upon the vision I have received, a vision of life, peace, and harmony.

man hee lee peace
Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee and Leaders of World

What I desire to share with you is the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. Drafted by renowned legal experts, the declaration’s purpose is to cease all wars on earth. What makes this newly-designed declaration unique is its inclusion of provisions designed to prevent religious conflict, often times excluded from legal projects. However, a provision addressing religious issues proves to be crucial in achieving peace; as much as 80% of wars stem from religious roots.

If every country in the world adopts legislature inspired by the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, I have faith that war will no longer break out. Peace, our long-awaited objective, will be achieved, and the world will be transformed back its original and perfect design.

HWPL PeaceLaw

Adopting this declaration ensures achieving a world of safety and peace. Not only will citizens support its provisions, but when the heads of state become aware of the declaration, how can they go against its message? Going against the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is going against peace. Therefore, if a head of state rejects this declaration, wouldn’t their future descendants question their leader’s stance on morality?

 Thus, a head of state who encourages war instead of peace will fall into disfavor with the global community, causing an urgency by the people to adopt the declaration. However, when heads of state practice politics based on the declaration, the scourge of wars and conflicts will end, and peace will blossom around the world.

 When heads of state around the world sign the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, surely this will gain the United Nations’ attention, causing the implementation, through the UN and its Security Council, of the declaration on an international level to be much more possible.

HWPL Peace Law

Fellow workers of peace, this is my declaration to you: to support this movement, and show your support for what life has desired since the beginning. I urge you to show your commitment to establish harmony throughout the world by advocating the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to be incorporated in all nations.

I thank you for your time in reading my message for the world. Our efforts in restoring this earth are beyond what man desires, but instead the hope of all sources of life. Even the beasts and trees yearn of a day when justice will reign, and this work lays in our hands.

I look forward to working together towards the hope that our citizens dream of.

Most respectfully,


[Peace Declaration]10 Articles & Preamble of DPCW By Man Hee Lee

<Peace Declaration>10 Articles & Preamble of DPCW By Man Hee Lee


 DPCW, Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Recognizing the imminent threats posed by conflicts and wars, prominent legal experts from various countries came together with a determination to produce a new legal document that could serve as a foundation for a safe and peaceful world.
Through their collaborative efforts, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was drafted and officially proclaimed on 14 March 2016, at 3:14 PM.

– Excerpt from foreword of DPCW explanatory book by HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee


☞ Preamble of DPCW Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Recalling the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and other international instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Acknowledging that all members of the human family enjoy human dignity and equal and inalienable rights, and that these rights represent a necessary tenet of the preservation of freedom, justice and peace throughout the world,

Aiming to maintain international peace and security and determined to pass on to successive generations an invaluable inheritance of a world free of wars,

Ensuring the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force should not be used, save in accordance with the limitations prescribed by international law,

Reaffirming faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women, the promotion of social progress and better standards of life for people and future generations and the need to facilitate peaceful coexistence among the world’s religions, beliefs, and ethnicities;

Recognizing that the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples constitutes a significant contribution to contemporary international law, and that its effective application is of paramount importance,

Call upon states

to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from international law can be maintained, and

in accordance with the common spirit that permeates all religious scriptures, and the rules of international law including fundamental rights guaranteed, to undertake to prosecute and sanction gross and systematic acts of violence undertaken in the name of religion

to bring about gradual disarmament of weapons of mass destruction and weapons capable of causing widespread and unnecessary suffering and weapons incompatible with international humanitarian law.

The signatories to the present Declaration do hereby urge that all efforts be made so that this Declaration is adopted and respected by all states.


☞ Article 1 - Prohibition of the threat or use of force

1. States should solemnly reaffirm that they refrain from the use of force in all circumstances, save where permitted by international law, and should condemn aggression as constituting an international crime.

2. States should refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of military force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations Charter or international law in general.

3. States should prohibit any act or threat of violence, whatever its motives or purposes, that occurs for the advancement of an individual or collective criminal agenda.

4. States should abstain from interference in the internal conflicts of other States.
☞ Article 2 - War potential

1. States should co-operate with a view to the gradual global reduction of armament production.

2. States should not produce, assist in, encourage, or induce; the production of weapons of mass destruction, inter alia, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, or weapons capable of causing indiscriminate or widespread and unnecessary suffering, or weapons incompatible with international humanitarian law.

3. States should take measures to ensure that existing weapons of mass destruction, weapons capable of causing widespread and unnecessary suffering and weapons incompatible with international humanitarian law are gradually dismantled or destroyed. States should cooperate in disarmament and the reduction of arms stockpiles, ideally under international supervision. Decommissioned weapons manufacturing facilities should be repurposed, so that they may serve purposes that are beneficial to humanity in general.

4. States should strive to reduce excessive standing armies and military bases.

5. States should cooperate to gradually diminish trade in weapons and attempt to reduce the flow of small arms to non-state actors.
☞ Article 3 – Friendly relations and the prohibition of acts of aggression

1. In accordance with United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2625 (XXV), States should develop friendly relations based upon respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and should take appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.

2. States have the duty to refrain from any forcible action that deprives peoples of their rights to self-determination.

3. States should condemn the illegal occupation of territory resulting from the threat or use of force in a manner contrary to international law.

4. States should promote accountability, including by investigating alleged violations of international law, in particular, grave violation of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, and should take measures to ensure that states, citizens and corporations do not contribute to the commission of violations of international law.

5. States should condemn, and should criminalize in their domestic law, the planning, preparation, initiation or execution, by a person in a position effectively to exercise control over, or to direct, the political or military action of a State, of an act of aggression which, by its character, gravity and scale, constitutes a manifest violation of international law, thus amounting to a crime of aggression.

6. States should refrain from allowing their territories to be placed at the disposal of other actors, whether States or otherwise, to engage in armed force against a third State.

7. States should bear in mind the principle of sovereign equality of states, and should seek to consult all other states, on the basis of reciprocal respect, on issues that may relate to them, in order to resolve and pre-empt disputes which may arise. This provision should apply without prejudice to human rights law and human dignity.
☞ Article 4 – State boundaries

1. In accordance with United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2625 (XXV), every State has the duty to refrain in its international relations from military, political, economic, or any other form of coercion aimed against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations. This is without prejudice to instances when such forms of coercion may be lawfully applied, inter alia, to induce states to cease internationally wrongful acts, or when sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council.

2. Every State has the duty to refrain from the threat or use of force to violate the existing internationally recognized boundaries of another State, or as a means of resolving international disputes, including territorial and frontier disputes, in a manner inconsistent with international law.

3. Every state has the duty to refrain from any act of incitement, planning, preparation, initiation or commission of an act of aggression by a state, a group of states, an organization of states or an armed group or by any foreign or external entity, against the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of any State.
☞ Article 5 - Self-determination

1. The duty of every state to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any other state includes the duty not to engage in any action that would result in the dismemberment of any state, or force the secession or annexation of any territorial unit from that state.

2. Subject to the right to self-determination of peoples, states shall not engage in any intervention that seeks to divide or separate a state in a manner that is contrary to the rules of international law.

3. Every state has the duty to refrain from prematurely recognising an entity that has purported to secede from another state, until such a time as the latter entity has developed the necessary attributes, capacities and legitimacy to function as a state.

4. Subject to the provisions of the present article, States should encourage identifiable nation-states that have been divided by longstanding external or historical factors to engage in co-operation and dialogue. States should ensure that divided peoples are provided with their right to self-determination, including, inter alia, measures which may result in unified government.

5. Any political system in which power is exercised in perpetuity by an individual or regime amounting to a manifest denial of the right to self-determination should be condemned.
☞ Article 6 - Dispute settlement

1. States should recognize the obligation to settle their international disputes through peaceful means including reference to the International Court of Justice, other judicial bodies, regional judicial arrangements, or through arbitration, mediation, conciliation, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution and in such a manner that international peace and security are not endangered. States should carry out any judgment or decision reached by a judicial body in good faith.

2. All states are encouraged to accept the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, in accordance with Article 36, paragraph 2, of the Statute of the Court, without reservations, as a means of ensuring that disputes are settled peacefully and in accordance with international law.
☞ Article 7 - Right to self-defence

1. Nothing in the present Declaration should be construed so as to impair the inherent right to individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a State, until such time as the Security Council has taken measures to maintain international peace and security.

2. Measures taken by states in the exercise of their right to self-defence should be immediately reported to the Security Council and should not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the United Nations Charter to take, at any time, such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.
☞ Article 8 - Freedom of religion

1. States should unite to strengthen international efforts to foster a global dialogue for the promotion of a culture of tolerance and peace at all levels, based on respect for human rights and diversity of religions and beliefs.

2. States should activate and participate in systems to enforce and protect fundamental human rights, eliminating discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, and should refrain from and prohibit the usage of religion by governments, groups, or individuals in order to justify or to incite acts of violence against others. These systems should include, inter alia, judicial mechanisms.

3. States should foster religious freedom by allowing members of religious communities to practice their religion, whether publicly or in private, and by protecting places of worship and religious sites, cemeteries, and shrines.
☞ Article 9 – Religion, ethnic identity and peace

1. States should engage in multilateral consultations to deal with situations where differences attributable to religion or ethnicity pose a threat to peace so that necessary remedial action may be taken and to identify the root causes of a situation causing tension between different religious or ethnic groups, in order to adopt necessary measures to promote mutual understanding between the groups concerned.

2. States should take measures to ensure that religious belief or ethnic identity are not utilised as a pretext for gross and systematic acts of violence. In circumstances where individuals or groups perpetrate or assist in such acts in the name of their religion, states should take adequate measures that lead to the prosecution and punishment of such activities.

3. Recognising the threat to peaceful coexistence that violent religious extremism may cause, states should implement, in good faith, legal measures against individuals or groups attempting to perpetrate or assist in gross and systematic acts of violence in the name of religion. Such measures should, in extreme cases, include the proscription of faith groups – including sects or cults – that perpetrate acts of violence against the territorial integrity and political independence of any state.
☞ Article 10 – Spreading a culture of peace

1. States should recognize and engage with groups and organizations that seek to further the cause of peace as a global movement. States should facilitate such groups in their awareness-raising activities, including providing tuition in human rights and peace studies, as provided for, inter alia, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1999 UN Declaration on a Culture of Peace.

2. States should recognize that, in order to preserve a lasting culture of peace, public awareness of the need for, and value of, peace should be created. In this regard, states are encouraged to facilitate activities, commemorations, and initiatives that engage public consciousness with peace, including the erection of peace monuments as an alternative to war monuments.

3. Heads of state and heads of government should acknowledge that they are uniquely well placed to encourage a culture of peace, and should act to support this declaration to bring about the cessation of war.

4. States should promote a culture of peace including ensuring conditions in which-
 (a) citizens are able to participate in the political affairs of the state as equals regardless of religious or ethnic differences;
 (b) a free media is maintained which allows grievances to be aired and addressed;
 (c) education is imparted to promote respect and mutual understanding among different religious, belief and ethnic groups;
 (d) the right to development of peoples, including the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals, can be realized; and
 (e) the wellbeing of all human kind with the participation of women and men to ensure peaceful coexistence amongst nations, states, and peoples may be guaranteed.

Do you agree with “peace declaration”?

hwpl peace

Sign Your Support
Make a better world through you.

[Seoul in Korea] 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and on 525 Peace Walk by HWPL Man Hee Lee Chairman

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Peace! Quotes

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee
Peace! Peace!! Quotes

Quotes from the Declatation of Peace and Cessation of War


Chairman Man Hee Lee


“There is no you or me in terms of Peace.

We should become messengers of peace, so that all of us should make the word “War” disappear form the fround and dictionary.

Now peace and love must be abundant in this world.

Let us all become a family of peace and become one. I truly thank you for your support.”

Chairman Man Hee Lee– Chairman Man Hee Lee, Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL)

[525 Peace Walk] HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Quotes & Message from Iraq

[525 Peace Walk]
HWPL Chairman,
Man Hee Lee Quotes
& Message from Iraq

525 The Peace Walk in IRAQ

Seek peace
The peace walk in Iraq 25 May 2015

Let’s work for peace in Iraq and the world and stop the bloodshed

IPYG, Baghdad cityBaghdad city in IRAQ peaceNajaf city in IRAQ

peaceDhi Qar city in IRAQ  IPYG peaceKut city in IRAQ

IPYG, Babylon cityBabylon city in IRAQ  IPYG, Basra cityBasra city in IRAQ

peaceMaysan city in IRAQ  peaceDiwaniya city in IRAQ

chairman man hee leeMr. Man Hee Lee (Lee Man Hee) chairman of HWPL, said:

The Cries and Pleas of my comrades who lay dying on the front lines of that war are still vivid in my mind – the Sound still pierces my heart.

– HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee Quotes


Man Hee Lee chairman of HWPL

PeaceNeither politics nor legislation is able to offer compensation to those youth who have lost their lives in war.
That these young people, born in the same world as you and I, have been cut down before their lives had a chance to bloom, is unfair.
I believe that this injustice will be brought to an end only when wars cease to exist in our world.

– HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee Quotes

IPYG, peace<Message from Iraq>
We are as Iraqis in all our denominations, we stand with all peace advocates who hold humanitarian meanings in order to stop the war in Iraq and the world.


Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, Peace Strong Quotes

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light) Said,


WARP Summit of 1st Commemoration

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL(Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light) Said,

man hee lee “First of all, we have to carefully examine what is behind the scenes of armed conflicts.
In order to stop wars, a rigid system is needed to bring forth a practical solution for peace. That solution is the international convention on the cessation of war and achievement of world peace.

The purpose of HWPL is to bring about the cessation of war and establish peace as an inheritance for future generations.

Certainly, world peace will be achieved if all reporters are accountable for accurate reporting standards and continually report on peace.”

Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light

HWPL held WARP 1st commemoration for world peace.
⇑ ⇑ ⇑ This Video is about 17th press conference.

Live coverage of 2015 WARP 1st Commemoration Broadcasting time
HWPL, WARP summit of 17th press conference

Peace Hero, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL


Peace Activist Man Hee Lee,

Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee,

Hero of Peace Man Hee Lee,

Peace Maker Man Hee Lee,

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL

international peace leader





There are many special name for him.

The Peace Activist, Peace Advocate, Hero of Peace, Peace Maker, international peace leader,,,  Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL.

For true peace in the world, we must throw away the selfishness of ourselves and even within our own groups and burn with a fire of passion for peace.
Come watch the chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee!!

Above all,,, to watch this video (Man Hee Lee, South Korean Peace Activist in Uganda) ~!

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Let’s be the heroes of peace with him~!!

We who live in this golbal world must become one in love in order for war to have no longer a place anywhere.


“We requested the presidents of each country sign a legislation agreeing to end war, and then turn that legislation into an international law. If they love their people, their nation, and they desire world peace they will sign. Any president who does not sign this agreement, does not want world peace, and does not love their people or nation.”

-Chairman of HWPL,
Man Hee Lee Quotes

As a matter of fact there is.
If there is a president who just says “I love peace, I want a world of peace” but does not sign on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace, International Law, that president does not love his or her nation, and is a president who does not truly want peace.

Through that person’s thoughts and actions, one can know.
Let us not just shout with our words “Peace! Peace!” but instead actually run directly for peace, like Mr. Man Hee Lee HWPL Chairman.

At the age of 86, chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee is a very radical hero of the international peace movement.