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Having been deeply involved in peace-building efforts in both the past and the present, India is the proud birthplace of many great peace advocates throughout history. Yet there are still unresolved conflicts internally, as well as with the states it shares borders with, blocking its passage to fully achieving peace. Therefore, individuals and communities wanted to fix this current status quo in peace-building from the grass-roots level.

In response, they organized several peace walks and educational activities for Talk and Walk to Prevent Violent Extremismin New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, India. Globally, a wide array of peace-promoting events were held as part of the 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace. These peace-promoting events in the month of May could not have had more critical timing as global acts of terrorism and violent extremism continued to haunt citizens on a daily basis.

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Peace LctureAuthorities at the Indian Heights School had a determined and passionate mind and interest in encouraging their students to become active proponents of peace. After putting in considerable thought and effort, the principal and teachers organized the Peace Awakening Event in collaboration with HWPL staff. Dr. Farida Khanam, a professor at the Jamia Millia Islamia University Center for Peace and Spirituality, was invited to be the main speaker for this special occasion

This special lecture and discussion aimed to go beyond superficial topics and boundaries. Like the rest of informed citizens, students at Indian Heights School were all aware that violent extremism in the form of terrorist attacks, racial discriminations hatred and others take place globally on a daily basis.

Also, as a participant at the HWPL WARP Peace Office, Dr. Farida Khanam made sure to challenge the bright students of Indian Heights School to think about what drives these perpetuators and terrorists to commit such atrocious and unjustifiable actions.

People commit violence due to ideas they have been taught.” said, Dr. Khanam.
“These wrong, corrupted leaders teach young men, if they kill others, throw bomb, or commit suicide bombing, they will go to heaven or paradise, but it is wrong. It is not the teaching of any scriptures in religion”.
Religion, which should have been a source of hope and peace, is instead utilized by a small group of religious leaders to shape and drive people to take extreme measures and hurt others. Shedding a light into the reality we face today, Dr. Khanam and students saw the importance of instilling ideas centered on peace instead of violence. Indeed, spreading a culture of peace to prevail over the culture of violence requires everyone to “make peace on earth together regardless of any race, nation, religion, and culture”.

HWPL, IWPG, IPYG create a world of peace, not war. Let’s stop war which kills people! We want peace! Let’s spread a culture of peace~!!


Peace and IWPG in India

Peace and IWPG
in India

HWPL Peace News

10,000 Indian Women Advocate Human Rights, Peace With IWPG

2015 IWPG Network India

10,000 women of India pledged to support the movement led by IWPG (International Women’s Peace Group) to urge for the enactment of an international convention for the cessation of wars and to join the organization’s work for the empowerment of women and world peace.

18 December, 2015, the 2015 IWPG Network India was held at the Women’s Christian College, Nagercoil  in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, the southernmost area of India hosted by the IWPG Women Leaders’ Peace Committee Kanyakumari District with PURA as the leading organizer.

10,000 women attended the first part of the event themed Happy Women, Healthy Mothers. Participating women leaders from the districts of Tamil Nadu, and from the states of Odisha, Maharashtra, Kerala who discussed women’s role in empowering women and achieving peace. Hon. District Collector, the Superintendent of Police, the Additional Director for Rural Development Tamil Nadu Government, and the Principal of WCC delivered keynote addresses.

In the second half of the event, 200 female university students from Kanyakumari gave performances for peace and received ovations from the audience. IWPG appointed 41 members of the peace committee, advisors, and peace ambassadors.

The conference was followed by a large-scale peace walk across downtown Kanyakumari which was joined by the local citizens.

The chairwoman of IWPG said in her video message that she wanted most to come together with women in India for peace. “Though women in India are struggling with India’s custom and social norms, I believe those struggles are what we go through on the way to becoming agents of peace. Now it is the time to show the true potential of Indian women,” she said.

In his congratulatory message, Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL said, “the entire the global village must join one another to leave a peaceful world as a legacy for our future generations.” He added, “When all women of India word for peace, that will make the world anew.”

A university student named G. Evangeline Ashna who attended the event told the reporters that the conference made her realize that women are not mere beneficiaries or ones who need help but women are the ones who can protect themselves and bring peace to Tamil Nadu and India.

Prior to the event on DEC 18, the IWPG Peace Committee Kanyakumari District had hosted the IWPG Peace Forum on the 17th at the Holy Cross Women’s University in Kanyakumari. Approximately 1,000 participants including the principal, faculty, and students of the university, and local women leaders signed a statement to urge the enactment of the international convention for the cessation of wars and the achievement of world peace.

IWPG is an international non-profit organization for women with ten million members across 1000 affiliates and branch offices in 170 countries widely recognized for its convening and campaigning capabilities.  It is currently working in cooperation with HWPL for the enactment of an international convention for the cessation of wars and the achievement of world peace.