Dear All Nations -ManHeeLee

WARP Peace Summit

Dear family members around the world
– Man Hee Lee

manheelee peace advocate


 I am Man Hee Lee, the peace advocate of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL).

It is an honor to be speaking with like-minded believers of peace who dedicate their lives serving their people, country, and creed. As people who share this earth together, the duty appointed to us is to preserve the natural principles and rights of mankind.

As we have seen from the past memories of our forefathers, to ensure that our future generations do not enter such periods of darkness depends on how active we remain to protect what is right and just for humanity.

It is for this reason that I, to this day, continue to act upon the vision I have received, a vision of life, peace, and harmony.

man hee lee peace
Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee and Leaders of World

What I desire to share with you is the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. Drafted by renowned legal experts, the declaration’s purpose is to cease all wars on earth. What makes this newly-designed declaration unique is its inclusion of provisions designed to prevent religious conflict, often times excluded from legal projects. However, a provision addressing religious issues proves to be crucial in achieving peace; as much as 80% of wars stem from religious roots.

If every country in the world adopts legislature inspired by the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, I have faith that war will no longer break out. Peace, our long-awaited objective, will be achieved, and the world will be transformed back its original and perfect design.

HWPL PeaceLaw

Adopting this declaration ensures achieving a world of safety and peace. Not only will citizens support its provisions, but when the heads of state become aware of the declaration, how can they go against its message? Going against the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is going against peace. Therefore, if a head of state rejects this declaration, wouldn’t their future descendants question their leader’s stance on morality?

 Thus, a head of state who encourages war instead of peace will fall into disfavor with the global community, causing an urgency by the people to adopt the declaration. However, when heads of state practice politics based on the declaration, the scourge of wars and conflicts will end, and peace will blossom around the world.

 When heads of state around the world sign the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, surely this will gain the United Nations’ attention, causing the implementation, through the UN and its Security Council, of the declaration on an international level to be much more possible.

HWPL Peace Law

Fellow workers of peace, this is my declaration to you: to support this movement, and show your support for what life has desired since the beginning. I urge you to show your commitment to establish harmony throughout the world by advocating the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to be incorporated in all nations.

I thank you for your time in reading my message for the world. Our efforts in restoring this earth are beyond what man desires, but instead the hope of all sources of life. Even the beasts and trees yearn of a day when justice will reign, and this work lays in our hands.

I look forward to working together towards the hope that our citizens dream of.

Most respectfully,


HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee Biography; on Nov. 2014

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee Biography; on November 2014

Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL Advances Towards A Peaceful Unification Of The Korean Peninsula And The Cessation Of Wars Around The World


Political And Religious Leaders Exchange Ideas For Peace in Romania, A Country That Recently Celebrated The 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of Communism. At The Pre-Inauguration Ceremony Of The Newly Elected President, Mr. Man Hee Lee Addresses The Topic, “The Importance Of A Peaceful Policy For The Unification Of The Korean Peninsula”.
Mr. Man Hee Lee, a world peace advocate, the Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), and the initiator for the cessation of a 40-year conflict in Mindanao, Philippines, along with Chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), recently embarked on a peace journey to Romania, a country that recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism, to address the topic of the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula and cessation of wars around the world.

Mr. Man Hee Lee arrived on the 19th at the Otopeni Airport in Bucharest. He met the current religious leaders at the Conference Room in Bucharest Hilton Hotel and sought for their collaboration for the unity of religions. Attending were religious leaders by the name of Hassan Chalghoumi, RachidBirbach, Eric Max Gozlan, Ali Abi Issa, Mohamed Montaser Abdelaziz, Sheikh Ramzy, Murat Yusuf, RavAvimelech Rosenblatt, NatanTapliashvili, PéterFeldmájer—all from seven countries (France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, England, Romania, and Poland).

On the 20th, the second day, a dialogue with the youth and religious leaders took place at the Senate Hall of the Palace of the Parliament. Mr. Man Hee Lee emphasized the enactment of the international law for world peace and cessation of wars and unity of religions.Following the dialogue, Mr. Man Hee Lee met Romanian judicial officers, such as Judge PetreLazaroiu, one of the nine judiciaries of the Constitutional Court of Romania who hold the authority to adjudicate on the constitutionality of laws and guard the procedure for the election of the President of Romania. They discussed the roles of the legal circles in achieving world peace and cessation of wars.

Mr. ManHeeLee and were invited to attend the pre-inauguration ceremony of president-elect Klaus Ionhannis on the 21st at the Senate Hall. Mr. ManHeeLee was the very first Korean to be officially invited as a distinguished guest at the ceremony. Both leaders delivered their speech concerning the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula.

Aware of the previous national changes in Romania, Mr. Man Hee Lee sought advice from the former president Emil Constantinescu and 25 other former and current presidents regarding the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula. Mr. Lee also asked for their collaboration with HWPL, IWPG, and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)to achieve this peaceful unification as well asthe cessation of wars and world peace. These contents were aired on the Romanian national television.

HWPL Peace NewsHWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee Biography; on Nov. 2014 Peace News Source ⇒

During Mr. Man Hee Lee’s speech on “the necessity of a peaceful policy for the unification of the Korean peninsula,” he introduced HWPL as an organization that “strives for the enactment of the international law for cessation of wars across the entire world.” He added that “South and North Korea have made a cease-fire agreement due to the difference in ideologies and philosophies. To avoid this kind of situation, where a nation stands divided, we must push for an enactment of an international law that brings wars to an end.”

Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL continued, “I want to reveal that one of the many peace activities that HWPL is striving for is the very work of establishing a peaceful system in the Korean peninsula.” “A true democracy is when a government exists for the people. All citizens desire a peaceful world. Therefore, world peace is the highest feat that democracy can possibly achieve.”

Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a private and non-governmental organization (NGO) with an objective to achieve world peace and cessation of war. Under HWPL are the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

During September 17 through 19, HWPL hosted the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit where 200,000 people participated for the cessation of wars and world peace. As for the notable figures from abroad, there were approximately 2,000 political leaders and women and youth group leaders and 700 religious leaders from 170 different nations. The highlight of the Summit was the Signing Ceremony for the Unity of Religions that took place on the 18th, where Mr. Man Hee Lee signed the Unity of Religion Agreement with world’s twelve renowned religious leaders of different denominations for the cessation of wars and world peace.

Mr. Man Hee Lee, the world peace activist, and IWPG Chairwoman, the women’s peace activist, will continue leading the world peace movements starting from Romania where the successful results of the WARP Summit have been explicitly displayed. After their visit to Romania, the two leaders will return to the Republic of Korea on the 22nd. There are high hopes for their future activities as many notable figures around the world are rushing to take part in the peace activities with the two leaders.

Global Peace & Peace Culture

Global Peace and Peace Culture News Source:

Calls for global peace get louder

Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku

From Victoria Ruzvidzo in SEOUL, South Korea

The quest for global peace and harmony escalated yesterday with the historic launch of the proclamation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War here yesterday, to bring an end to global armed conflicts and attendant challenges.

The event was witnessed by more that 1 000 senior government officials, legal experts, civic leaders, the academia and other stakeholders from across all continents.

Zimbabwe was represented by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, who was acknowledged during the ceremony as one of the most senior legal experts in attendance. World leaders are now expected to sign and adopt the declaration that will bind them towards fostering peace.

Spearheaded by South Korea’s Mr Man Hee Lee, chairman of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL), the declaration was the culmination of months of formulation and global campaigns by an international law peace committee made up of 20 law experts.

“A perfect world of peace will be achieved. I believe that. We pledged to be united before God . . . before all the citizens for it to be an earth with a heavenly framework.

“In order to accomplish the collective wishes of all humanity, we have gathered here today. This very moment at this very place will never be forgotten in the history of mankind for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War will be publicly proclaimed.

HWPL ManHee Lee
Mr Man Hee Lee chairman of HWPL

“All citizens of this globe will have to gather their hearts to acknowledge and urge this declaration to embrace the new era and the new life full of peace,” said Mr Man.The declaration seeks to dispose the world of all armed conflicts and dis-empower those that seek to initiate war.

Its core elements include the prohibition of the threat or use of force, eradication of the likelihood of war, development of friendly relations in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2526 (XXV) and refraining from military, political, economic or any other form of coercion against territorial integrity or political independence of another state.

Global Peace & Peace Culture

Furthermore, it would seek to foster a culture of peace.

“Heads of state and heads of governments should acknowledge that they are uniquely well-placed to encourage a culture of peace, and should act to support this declaration to bring about the cessation of war,” read the declaration.

Wars in Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Afghanistan, Libya and those in other parts of the globe have deprived humanity of development while millions of lives have been lost.

This state of affairs was described yesterday as untenable, robbing the planet of its potential.

The declaration also seeks to prohibit the production, sales and supply of all weapons and the training of war potentials.

It also seeks to represent the voices of women and the youth, the most vulnerable in armed conflict.

“This work of peace is a task someone must take on. It is a path that leads to peace, so we must continue to look at it. We have come together to eradicate wars from the face of the earth. We must raise our voices against wars,” declared Mr ManHeeLee, HWPL Chairman.

“Just as water drops merge to become a huge thunderstorm that covers an entire area, our collective voices will become a thunderstorm that wipes away the world tainted with the atrocities of war and brings out a new era of peace.”

The HWPL chairman said he had traversed the globe 24 times talking about peace and he was confident his efforts would yield much.

HWPL was established a few years ago to foster peace in a world fraught with conflict. Its arms, the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) have also been in the forefront of eliciting support for peace within their respective constituencies.

An IPYG representative from the Phillipines drew sympathy from delegates when he said many youths and children were caught in the conflicts and yet they did not understand why there was so much conflict.

“As youths, we have questions such as: why do we have wars? Who is benefiting? When will they end.

“Indeed now is the time for all of us to aspire for world peace,” he said.

Leaders present at the launch of the declaration yesterday pledged total support for the restoration of global peace and said it was critical that everyone adopted the declaration, seen as a powerful tool to attain peace and restore human dignity.

HWPL news
<Global Peace & Peace Culture News> The Herald Source:

HWPL WARP Office in Manila Philippines

WARP Office in Manila, Philippines

Fruit of Peace,  “HWPL WARP Office in Manila, Philippines”

man hee leeOn January 28, 2016, the 11th HWPL WARP Office Meeting was held at the Bible Society in Manila, Philippines. Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, and Chairwoman of IWPG, attended in the midst of their 24th World Peace Tour in the Philippines. The visit to the Philippines of Chairman Man Hee Lee and IWPG Chairwoman, who work tirelessly for peace, was very special as it was their 7th visit to the country already.

The Peace Tour had many memorable moments that will be remembered in history: peace talks with officials of the judicial circles, signing of the MOA to designate a Philippine university as a HWPL Peace Academy, opening a HWPL Peace Exhibition at City Museum and Library, as well as the establishment of a 2nd HWPL Peace Monument in the Philippines this time located in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camp in the Mindanao Islands. Amidst this wave of peace, religious leaders were spurred to participate in the peace movement.

As this event was a meeting for the participants of the HWPL WARP Office in Manila, religious leaders from Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, and Hinduism gathered together. The Manila WARP Office has had a total of 10 meetings so far and is a place that has actively engaged in the religious scripture comparison activities.

Mr. Archarya Prem Shankaranand Tirth, a Maharaj, shared his thoughts about the HWPL WARP Office. “When I first met the HWPL Philippine team, I was introduced to the WARP Dialogue and I was very much motivated by their works and especially when I saw the video clips of HWPL given to me. I felt that I must go with these people. I believe that they are really working hard in their mission for peace. When I started joining the WARP Dialogue of Scriptures, I realized that God motivated that the life of faith should be based on Scriptures. We should find all the common things with scriptures, which is the words of God as a standard for the humanity, and that we should practice the Alliance of Religions.”

peaceSister Beatrice Sanang Nanga, a participant from the Catholic Church, mentioned the significance of the WARP Office. “We speak about peace, but what do we need to do to have peace? First, we need to accept that all religions are corrupted. If all religions are corrupted, ‘what do we need to do,’ is the question. We need to repent. All of us believe that we have one God and God has given us one teaching. God does not give us many teachings. All of us, we have one teaching, but why are we all different? It is because religion is corrupted. Secondly, we all need to become one through the truth. This is to become one before the one and only God of truth. This is the true meaning of religion. I am here as a representative of Catholics, but it does not mean that all religions should be one in Catholicism. But, it means all religions should be one in the truth. Therefore, together, we must find this truth. For that reason, there is the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Dialogue of Scriptures. This is where we do not speak about how truthful our religion is, but this is where we find truth, putting down all of our own teachings and perspectives.”

Chairman Man hee Lee emphasized during his speech, “Which religious scripture has the most trustworthy evidence? The reason for having the religious scriptures comparison meeting is so that religions can become one. Even if the promise was made in front of God and all the people of the world, if religious scriptures do not become one, then religions cannot become one. If religions do not become one, then conflicts will continue to arise that may ultimately lead to wars. Would there be peace if only the international law is enacted? No. That is not the case. When religions also become one, quarrels and conflicts will be ceased.”

Chairwoman of IWPG addressed that, following Chairman Lee’s speech, “Everyone, please lay down the religions you are currently holding on to and gather with sincerity at the WARP Offices as God will surely lead everyone to the path of fulfillment according to the prophecies. Since the unity of religions will be the most powerful weapon to fulfill world peace, I dearly hope and ask of you to constantly compare and examine the scriptures to become one in the truth under one God, so that we can spread this good news to all the religious leaders around the world.”

HWPLAll leaders who participated in the event made a pledge to actively join in the movement of peace by establishing the future development of WARP Offices throughout the Philippines. Since the Dialogue Scriptures in the HWPL WARP Office is a wide-spread peace project, the world awaits more.

ManHeeLee & HWPL WARP Office

WARP Office and
Peace advocate ManHeeLee of HWPL

“I would like to pay my respect to the chairman of HWPL, Mr ManHeeLee, whose energy, enthusiasm, vision and hard work has become very fruitful for world peace.″

– Abhay Awasthi/ Australia Hinduism Pandit

“Mencius, a Chines philosopher, had prophesied that 500 years later a prince will appear.
The Creator God has sent Chairman ManHeeLee.
I see the hope of world peace in the fact that such a great man exists in out world.”

– Duan Zhiquan/ China Taoism Taoist leader


hwpl warp officeThe Old Unresolved Questions of Humanity
Questions about the Origin of World
Questions about Life and Death
Questions about Existence of God

Too Many answers from Philosophy
Too Many answers from Personal research
Too Many answers from Various beliefs

hwplIdeologies ♠
opinions ♠

Armed conflicts ♠
Religious discrimination ♠
Racism ♠
Threats of Terrorism ♠
Armed Groups ♠

We Need an Answer!
We Need an Answer of world peace!!

hwpl peacepeacehwpl peaceIn the past year 102 Offices in countries
607 religious Leaders 30 Different Religions

A Place of True Alliance of Religions
Discussions Based on each religion’s Religious Scripture

manheelee♣ Duan Zhiquan/ China Taoism Taoist leader ♣
“Mencius, a Chines philosopher, had prophesied that 500 years later a prince will appear.
The Creator God has sent Chairman ManHeeLee.
I see the hope of world peace in the fact that such a great man exists in out world.”


manheelee♣ Abhay Awasthi/ Australia Hinduism Pandit ♣

“I would like to pay my respect to the chairman of HWPL, Mr ManHeeLee, whose energy, enthusiasm, vision and hard work has become very fruitful for world peace.″

HWPL, ManHeeLee Said “To Achieve Peace”

ManHeeLee Said “Let us all become messengers of peace to achieve peace”

Davao hosts HWPL Peace Expo

HWPL News, source:



​A heart for peace in Davao City blossomed through HWPL ManHeeLee Chairman. “Peace is something that blossoms from the hearts of each individual and can be achieved
through the changes of perception through proper education.
Let us all become messengers of peace to achieve peace”, said Chairman ManHeeLee of HWPL

HWPLSEOUL, Feb. 01 (MNA) – People’s Museum in Davao, Philippines, has advanced the local community through a range of initiatives which drew public attention.

The only city museum that exists in Davao City, in Philippines, Museo Dabawenyo, also known as “People’s Museum,” has advanced the local community through a range of initiatives. An event holding great significance was held at Museo Dabawenyo and drew public attention.

A place best known for its eateries and warm weather amid beautiful scenery, Davao City in the Philippines has a rich cultural heritage of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds blended harmoniously.

On January 26, Mr. Orly L. Escarrilla, Director of Davao Museum, and staffs designated the second floor, “Peace Hall” to exhibit pictures of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) peace activities in Mindanao. Director Escarilla proudly presented the certificate to permanently exhibit the peace work of HWPL at the peace hall.

The place will serve to provide community members a platform to learn about the peace work achieved by HWPL in Mindanao.

​At the event, Rodrigo R. Duterte, Mayor of Davao City, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, and Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) were invited and warmly greeted by the presence of community members and students in Davao City.

A bronze-signboard inscribed with the signatures of Mayor Duterte and Chairman Lee were hung up at the entrance of Museo Dabawenyo, symbolizing the agreement between Davao City and HWPL in collaborating to bring sustainable peace.

​Davao City Public Library provided an exclusive shelf for HWPL to continuously supply monthly newsletters, brochures, DVDs and other educational materials for any visitors to easily gain access to HWPL peace works. As a HWPL Publicity Ambassador, Ms. Pedrita M. Badar, director of Davao City Public Library, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Davao City Public Library and HWPL to arrange permanent exhibition of HWPL peace movements.

​Since all citizens and tourists in the Philippines are able to visit both Davao City Public Library and Museo Dabawenyo, these places represent equal opportunities to provide peace education.

​A heart for peace in Davao City blossomed through Chairman Lee. “Peace is something that blossoms from the hearts of each individual and can be achieved through the changes of perception through proper education.

Let us all become messengers of peace to achieve peace”, said HWPL Chairman ManHeeLee.

“Let us gather our hearts and speak in one voice for the cessation of wars and achievement of world peace. We’ll surely usher in an era of peace sooner,” said Chairwoman, giving a glimpse of their future action plan.

​Highly revered among citizens, Mayor Duterte welcomed the visits from HWPL Peace Delegates and was applauded for designating the Davao City Public Library and Museum as places for HWPL peace education.

“I realized each of our community members needs to take actions in order to be strong proponents of peace. I hope news of this ceremony spreads beyond the Mindanao region and sets an example for the rest of the world to follow,” said the Mayor.

On January 25, Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) became the first educational institute in the Philippines to provide peace education, passing the resolution to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between CCSPC and HWPL.

Designation ceremony of HWPL Peace Academy was held to celebrate the occasion. Prior to designating CCSPC, many institutions in Kosovo and India were already designated as HWPL Peace Academies to incorporate HWPL’s peace initiatives into their curriculum and instill the significance of peace education in students.

On their journey to put an end to all wars and achieve world peace, HWPL Chairman ManHeeLee, IWPG Chairwoman and the HWPL Peace Delegates will be participating at the inauguration of the IBP Peace Committee in Manila, Philippines.

HWPL ManHeeLee Peace advocate in America

Advancing the Light of Peace: HWPL Peace Event in America


HWPL ManHeeLee Peace advocate in America

“Advancing the Light of Pace : HWPL Peace Event”
held on November 7th was a forum bringing together people from various sectors in the Southern California region to discuss peace initiatives.

Marking his 21st World Tour, Chairman ManHeeLee started his journey by visiting Los Angeles, California to meet international heads of states, religious leaders, media and youth to speak on the urgency of a united global commitment for HWPL’s two initiatives.
The first initiative is the International Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts and the second initiative is an alliance of religions through its WARP Offices.

To a pensive audience, Chairman ManHeeLee posed the question, “How sad it is that the young people are the ones sent to war, without having a chance for their lives to fully blossom. Isn’t it our responsibility to change this? If not us, who will?”

After hearing chairman ManHeeLee’s message, educators, community leaders, and religious representatives spoke about the importance of including religious dialogue into school curriculum, expressing their commitment to work with HWPL to incorporate HWPL peacebuilding methodology into the classroom.

The forum concluded with a united unanimous raising of hands, from volunteers to leaders signifying their commitment to peace and establishing a HWPL Peace institute.

HWPL Peace

Ramagya School to become the HWPL Peace Academy

My Light is My Inner Voice: Ramagya School to become the HWPL Peace Academy

HWPL Peace Academies: Ramagya, Samsara, Jaypee, Ahlcon, and Noida


India, Noida – War has been a constant threat to mankind, especially the young generations who were and are forced to become involved in armed disputes. Along with many NGOs, charitable organizations, and individuals educating people to protect the lives of youth, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is at the forefront of preventing and ceasing conflicts through its various peace initiatives. These initiatives include implementing peace education courses throughout the world. Its valuable efforts are essential to the security of mankind and future peace. A peace advocate and international peace lecturer, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, has conducted many peace agreements to solve political and religious conflicts as well as educated youths through a practical program of peace education.

Ramagya School, one of the top ten educational institutes in the city of Noida, India, was designated as a HWPL Peace Academy on December 21st. The school announced to integrate peace education into their curriculum by establishing the HWPL Peace Education Courses. The school also appointed Chairman ManHeeLee as a honorary Chairman of the Advisory Board and Chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) as a honorary Chairwoman of the Advisory Board. Notably, along with Ramagya School, four other well-known schools in the region – Samsara School, Jaypee School, Ahlcon Public School, and Noida International University- were designated as HWPL Peace Academies.

As its name indicates, Ra – Me, Ma – Light, Gya – Inner Voice, the Ramagya School values and ensures to create a peaceful and creative atmosphere to foster youth’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Recognizing its dedication and commitment, Chairman Man Hee Lee said, “While visiting many universities and faith-based educational institutions around the world and meeting with countless students and faculty, my message to them has been the same. As the new generation of leaders, we must become active proponents of world peace. The voice of youth, the essential element to realize peace, is resonating throughout the world, guaranteeing peace for humanity.”

Chairwoman of IWPG said, “I firmly believe that the non-violence movement started by Gandhi can be fulfilled through the HWPL peace initiatives. As the Ramagya School became a Peace Academy, we will support and educate students to become the leading figures not only in India but also throughout the world. I sincerely congratulate you.” This innovative approach to teach students the practical steps of peace through peace education is catching on and being adopted by many prestigious institutions.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of Ramagya School and President of Purusharth Charitable Society, recalled his meeting with Chairman Man Hee Lee exactly a year ago and eagerly contributed to implementing the peace course. The two Chairpersons discussed to design programs and courses to enhance the peacemaking capacities of the students and highlight HWPL’s most recent peacemaking efforts.

HWPL is in the process of developing a comprehensive peace program which provides an educational framework for conflict analysis and resolution, interfaith peace dialogue sessions, and explains how they were able to build alliances between religions through their World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Offices.

Recognizing the efforts of the HWPL Peace Delegation in many parts of the world and celebrating the designation ceremony, the school also unveiled the Monument to commemorate the Declaration of World Peace. The Declaration was presented by Chairman Man Hee Lee in 2013 on behalf of women and youth of the world at the Peace Gate in Seoul. The Monument is now an emblem of world peace in Noida.

Ramagya School
Ramagya School in Noida, India to become a HWPL Peace Academy

With the grace and life we have received – are we entitled to fight, kill and destroy one another? We cannot claim to desire peace and continue to provoke one another, causing conflict for the sake of valuing our own national interests above those of others. This is not a legacy we can leave to future generations … Of what use is a young life, born in our day and age, if it is thrown away without having had a chance to bloom? What price can compensate for the loss of a life? … We call on the heads of state of every country to sign an international agreement – a commitment to bringing all wars to an end. … The only way to stop the fighting and pointless tragic deaths is to stop fighting.

The Declaration of World Peacepeace

Global Peace Activist, Man Hee Lee & A White Peace Donkey

A White Donkey welcomes a Peace Advocate, Man Hee Lee to Israel

Global Peace Activist, Man Hee Lee and the Donkey of Peace

A white donkey appeared on the evening of December 1st at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. Under the strict circumstance of airport known for security, such a sighting seemed an auspicious event.

Israel donkey
▲ Pushing and pulling the donkey which did not want to be apart from peace advocate, Man Hee Lee

This day, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, a global peace activist from South Korea, visited to conduct peace talks between Israel and Palestine. He has met numerous leaders of politics, religions, youth and women groups and the press of 170 countries for world peace and the cessation of war.

▲ Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and MEEI faculty are celebrating the establishment of the HWPL Peace Academy

In Israel, donkey is a symbol of peace. At the moment Mr. ManHee Lee arrived in Israel, it was of note to see a donkey waiting for him. Interestingly, Mr. ManHee Lee’s clothes and the donkey had the same white color, which universally stands for light.

The owner of the donkey, Zacchaeus,who used a pseudonym said, “Local people at the airport were surprised by the fact that old proverbs of Israel are being accomplished – the Messiah comes riding on a donkey”, and they asked to whom he was referring. “Mr. ManHeeLee is a global peace activist from South Korea” he said. “Thankfully, Mr. ManHeeLee gave a new name for this donkey ‘the donkey of peace’. Zacchaeus also added, “If he visits Israel again, I will be glad to take this donkey to him.”


Furthermore, a donkey is a stubborn type of animal that does not tend to follow people. However, despite their first encounter, it seemed that the donkey did not want to be apart from Mr. ManHeeLee even after he went out of the airport. ^.^*)

Through this journey, Mr. Man Hee Lee appointed ‘Mar Elias Educational Institutions’ as a ‘HWPL Peace Academy’ and he had a meeting with the leaders of Israeli-Palestinian youth and women groups followed by a meeting with Mayor Vera Baboun of Bethlehem. Furthermore, he discussed the enactment of the international convention for accomplishing substantial peace with the  President of Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

Peace year

HWPL Man Hee Lee News
Golbal Peace Activst, Man Hee Lee & A White Peace Donkey News


ManHeeLee & Peace Message

HWPL Chairman, ManHeeLee Delivered the Message of Peace



An event by IPYG (International Youth Peace Group) was held at Ramagya School, Noida on 21st December, 2015, which was attended by Capt. Praveen Roy, Principal Samsara-The World Academy and IPYG Co-ordinator Ms. Suman Silwal.

The Chairperson Mr. Man Hee Lee shared his views about bringing peace among the nations of the world.

Samsara will be a part of this program and will strive to spread the message of peace to the world. Mr. ManHeeLee also delivered the message of peace among the youth.

He said that the youth of the world is the future of the country, so its our responsibility to educate our generation to establish peace in the world. Our Principal Capt. Praveen Roy also received a certificate from Mr. Man Hee Lee.


hwpl peace news.jpg
HWPL Peace News: Man Hee Lee & Peace Message