Outcome of ‘HWPL Peace Education’

 The Outcome that will deliver great changes, by Peace Education of HWPL


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<Indonesia Seeks Peace Building with International NGO>


A Head of HAPI is presenting a stature of Garuda which is the symbol of Indonesia to chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL.

… Head of the HAPI, Mrs. Dr. Hj. Elza Syarief said, “The DPCW contains provisions that essentially stop the war like activities. So the enactment of the DPCW is a definite answer to the end of the war and achievement of peace.“… I agree with her completely because the DPCW stops the war and events as this (Florida school shooting: goo.gl/vrxDEx) won’t happend again

On the 29th, HWPL Peace Academy MOU Signing Ceremony with Universitas Islam Negeri (UN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta” was held to implement the practical peace education for youth. The MOU of Peace Education with HWPL has been signed by 11 schools in Indonesia.

Currently, 140 schools around the world including the Philippines, Israel, and India have been designated as HWPL Peace Academies to introduce peace education for students.

As well as the peace movement of legal experts, education field, and civil society, about 220 Indonesian religious leaders attended the “HWPL Indonesian religious Leaders’ Conference” and agreed to  work on religious cooperation and play the role of religious leaders to achieve peace.

Mr. Mulyadi Ling, Head of Education of Majelis Tinggi Agama Konghucu Indonesia(MATAKIN) addressed “There will be no more chaos or war when everyone is willing to share the message of peace throughout the world.

We can take this initiative by educating our children early on the importance of tolerance and harmonious life.” “We hope our planet is free from war. In this regard, we have a practical solution to achieve peace.

The DPCW with 10 articles and 38 clause was made by international law experts and we have made a commitment to advocate and promote it globally with politicians, religious leaders, civil society representatives. With this, a world of peace will become a reality.” said, Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL.


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Wind of Peace, HWPL & Ramagya School

Blow, Blow, Peace Wind~

To the ends of the earth,
the four corners of the earth~



HWPL & Ramagya School that Lead the World to Peace

The 23rd Peace Tour of HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee,
the Hope of Youths

At the Designation Ceremony of HWPL Peace Academy
– Ramagya School in India

Since the Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Israel was designated as the first HWPL Peace Academy, more schools in Albania, Kosovo and India made decisions to integrate Peace Education which covers activities for the cessation of wars and achievement of peace as part of their curriculum and held HWPL Peace Academy designation ceremonies.

CBSE Affiliated School in Noida

The Next Generation’s Leaders of World Peace

peaceDecember, 2015, the chairwoman of IWPG, attended the HWPL Peace Academy designation ceremony in New Delhi where 5 schools including Ramagya School were announced HWPL Peace Academies. Chairwoman of IWPG, who has argued over many accounts that peace must be educated at homes and schools, was appointed an honorary board member of Ramagya School.

At the event where over 1,300 of leaders of India’s education, teachers and students gathered, conveyed her thoughts saying, “Ramagya has been made the world’s best school, and you are truly blessed as students… I look forward to seeing your future endeavors knowing that, after being guided by great teachers, growing in peace and safety, you will lead peace not just in India but worldwide.”

Monument Stipulates the Role of Entities in Peace Education

Along with the designation ceremony, there was the unveiling event of the Monument to the Declaration of World Peace on the school grounds of Ramagya School. The monument stipulates the role of different groups such as the political sector, women and youth that each play a pivotal role in peace education.

Chairman of Ramagya School Sanjay Gupta, who planned the school’s designation as an HWPL Peace Academy, told the audience, “I hope our students will become the next generation’s peace leaders of India with conscience for peace through the peace education.” As more schools joined the trend of peace education, Samsara School, Jaypee School, Ahlcon Public School, and Noida International University were also designated as HWPL Peace Academies.

Humanity and Spirituality – the Core Values that Lead the World to Peace unnamed 22 December, Chairwoman of IWPG attended the 7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spiritualityat Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi upon the invitation of Mr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman of SREI Foundation. At the Confluence, said, “humanity and spirituality drive individuals, move organized societies, and serve as the core values that lead the world to peace.” She added, “Without peace, we cannot hope to fulfill humanity, spirituality or anything else.”

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HWPL, Peace Academy

HWPL Peace Academy


We, born into the same generation and on the same earth, have received from above the grace and teachings of life, and we recognize our noble mission of leaving peace, not war, as a legacy to our future generations.

We must educate all humanity to instill in them a love of peace so that our youth will no longer be sacrificed in war.

For this purpose, we hereby resolve to participate in the peace work of HWPL as an HWPL Peace Academy and to become messengers of peace who educate about the peace movement.

hwplIn the same vein, we pledge to carry out the following:

1. We will develop an HWPL Peace Education Course through which we will educate about the work and spirit of the Peace Advocate of HWPL.

2. As an HWPL Peace Academy, we will write a textbook on HWPL activities for world peace and the cessation of war and educate students using the textbook.

3. We will become members of HWPL and the IPYG and promote the peace education to the world.

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Ramagya School to become the HWPL Peace Academy

My Light is My Inner Voice: Ramagya School to become the HWPL Peace Academy

HWPL Peace Academies: Ramagya, Samsara, Jaypee, Ahlcon, and Noida


India, Noida – War has been a constant threat to mankind, especially the young generations who were and are forced to become involved in armed disputes. Along with many NGOs, charitable organizations, and individuals educating people to protect the lives of youth, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is at the forefront of preventing and ceasing conflicts through its various peace initiatives. These initiatives include implementing peace education courses throughout the world. Its valuable efforts are essential to the security of mankind and future peace. A peace advocate and international peace lecturer, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, has conducted many peace agreements to solve political and religious conflicts as well as educated youths through a practical program of peace education.

Ramagya School, one of the top ten educational institutes in the city of Noida, India, was designated as a HWPL Peace Academy on December 21st. The school announced to integrate peace education into their curriculum by establishing the HWPL Peace Education Courses. The school also appointed Chairman ManHeeLee as a honorary Chairman of the Advisory Board and Chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) as a honorary Chairwoman of the Advisory Board. Notably, along with Ramagya School, four other well-known schools in the region – Samsara School, Jaypee School, Ahlcon Public School, and Noida International University- were designated as HWPL Peace Academies.

As its name indicates, Ra – Me, Ma – Light, Gya – Inner Voice, the Ramagya School values and ensures to create a peaceful and creative atmosphere to foster youth’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Recognizing its dedication and commitment, Chairman Man Hee Lee said, “While visiting many universities and faith-based educational institutions around the world and meeting with countless students and faculty, my message to them has been the same. As the new generation of leaders, we must become active proponents of world peace. The voice of youth, the essential element to realize peace, is resonating throughout the world, guaranteeing peace for humanity.”

Chairwoman of IWPG said, “I firmly believe that the non-violence movement started by Gandhi can be fulfilled through the HWPL peace initiatives. As the Ramagya School became a Peace Academy, we will support and educate students to become the leading figures not only in India but also throughout the world. I sincerely congratulate you.” This innovative approach to teach students the practical steps of peace through peace education is catching on and being adopted by many prestigious institutions.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of Ramagya School and President of Purusharth Charitable Society, recalled his meeting with Chairman Man Hee Lee exactly a year ago and eagerly contributed to implementing the peace course. The two Chairpersons discussed to design programs and courses to enhance the peacemaking capacities of the students and highlight HWPL’s most recent peacemaking efforts.

HWPL is in the process of developing a comprehensive peace program which provides an educational framework for conflict analysis and resolution, interfaith peace dialogue sessions, and explains how they were able to build alliances between religions through their World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Offices.

Recognizing the efforts of the HWPL Peace Delegation in many parts of the world and celebrating the designation ceremony, the school also unveiled the Monument to commemorate the Declaration of World Peace. The Declaration was presented by Chairman Man Hee Lee in 2013 on behalf of women and youth of the world at the Peace Gate in Seoul. The Monument is now an emblem of world peace in Noida.

Ramagya School
Ramagya School in Noida, India to become a HWPL Peace Academy

With the grace and life we have received – are we entitled to fight, kill and destroy one another? We cannot claim to desire peace and continue to provoke one another, causing conflict for the sake of valuing our own national interests above those of others. This is not a legacy we can leave to future generations … Of what use is a young life, born in our day and age, if it is thrown away without having had a chance to bloom? What price can compensate for the loss of a life? … We call on the heads of state of every country to sign an international agreement – a commitment to bringing all wars to an end. … The only way to stop the fighting and pointless tragic deaths is to stop fighting.

The Declaration of World Peacepeace