Wind of Peace, HWPL & Ramagya School

Blow, Blow, Peace Wind~

To the ends of the earth,
the four corners of the earth~


HWPL & Ramagya School that Lead the World to Peace

The 23rd Peace Tour of HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee,
the Hope of Youths

At the Designation Ceremony of HWPL Peace Academy
– Ramagya School in India

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Since the Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Israel was designated as the first HWPL Peace Academy, more schools in Albania, Kosovo and India made decisions to integrate Peace Education which covers activities for the cessation of wars and achievement of peace as part of their curriculum and held HWPL Peace Academy designation ceremonies.

CBSE Affiliated School in Noida

The Next Generation’s Leaders of World Peace

peaceDecember, 2015, Nam Hee Kim, the chairwoman of IWPG, attended the HWPL Peace Academy designation ceremony in New Delhi where 5 schools including Ramagya School were announced HWPL Peace Academies. Kim, who has argued over many accounts that peace must be educated at homes and schools, was appointed an honorary board member of Ramagya School.

At the event where over 1,300 of leaders of India’s education, teachers and students gathered, Kim conveyed her thoughts saying, “Ramagya has been made the world’s best school, and you are truly blessed as students… I look forward to seeing your future endeavors knowing that, after being guided by great teachers, growing in peace and safety, you will lead peace not just in India but worldwide.”

Monument Stipulates the Role of Entities in Peace Education

Along with the designation ceremony, there was the unveiling event of the Monument to the Declaration of World Peace on the school grounds of Ramagya School. The monument stipulates the role of different groups such as the political sector, women and youth that each play a pivotal role in peace education.

Chairman of Ramagya School Sanjay Gupta, who planned the school’s designation as an HWPL Peace Academy, told the audience, “I hope our students will become the next generation’s peace leaders of India with conscience for peace through the peace education.” As more schools joined the trend of peace education, Samsara School, Jaypee School, Ahlcon Public School, and Noida International University were also designated as HWPL Peace Academies.

nam hee kimHumanity and Spirituality – the Core Values that Lead the World to Peace unnamed 22 December, Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim of IWPG attended the 7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spiritualityat Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi upon the invitation of Mr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman of SREI Foundation.At the Confluence, Kim said, “humanity and spirituality drive individuals, move organized societies, and serve as the core values that lead the world to peace.” She added, “Without peace, we cannot hope to fulfill humanity, spirituality or anything else.”

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HWPL Peace Education Projects

HWPL WARP Summit, Global Event!!

HWPL Peace
Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) 2nd Annual Commemoration, WARP Summit

2nd Annual Commemoration,
WARP Summit
[September 18th Sun. 2016]


HWPL PeacePeace Education is one of the major projects

globally operated by HWPL

HWPL strives to facilitate comprehensive grassroots peace building that involves diverse voices of the community: leaders in education, governmental and religious sectors as well as non-profit organizations and youth to create sustainable solutions and empower individuals and communities to be an integral part in global peace building.

Culture of Peace Blossomed through HWPL Peace Exhibition in Fiji 

Fiji, HWPL Peace Exhibition
Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) held the HWPL Peace Exhibition at the Fiji Museum in Suva on 12th July.

The seed of culture of peace has been sown into the land of Fiji. Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) held the HWPL Peace Exhibition at the Fiji Museum in Suva on 12th July. At this exhibition, members of the government, public and civil organizations participated to appreciate HWPL’s dedication to working for peace in Fiji and congratulate the planning on peace education for local citizens and children

In the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Mahendra Reddy, Minister of Ministry Education, Heritage and Arts, Fiji, delivered a congratulatory speech. He said, “Educating the youth about respecting all races and practicing good values makes us one step closer to achieving world peace.”

HWPL Peace

Dr. Reddy also expressed his appreciation to the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) for organizing the Exhibition and added that education plays a major role in peace-building in any country. “In choosing Fiji for this exhibition I intend to assure the coordinators that they will not only be reaching out to Fijians but also to the wider Oceania community. Fiji is the heartbeat of the Pacific and this Peace Exhibition will certainly attract audiences from the region.”

HWPL Peace

This exhibition received attention from the local media and the coverage has actively been made. FIji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) covers this story by stating, “as an international Peace organisation in association with the UN, this group envisions community development through volunteer outreach, women advocacy and engaging the youth of every nation.”

Peace education is one of the major projects globally operated by HWPL to open access to and develop opportunities of education for local citizens and students, acquiring the value that global citizens in these contemporary days must have in mind – peace. Currently, the HWPL Peace Exhibition has been held in various sites around the world, including Davao City Public Library and Museum, the Philippines.

HWPL Peace

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Necessity of Peace Education

The Necessity of Providing
Peace Education

Necessity of Peace Education

peaceThe cessation of war should not be a fairy tale but a goal to be fervently pursued, transcending race, nationality, religion and ideology.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is even homegrown terrorism.

This new concept refers to terrorism being done by a country’s won citizens.

man hee lee peaceIn order to establish an environment to ensure our goal of peace is achieved, peace education is needed.

This education will bring peace to life.

Just as a become a beautiful butterfly, peace education is an opportunity to transform old ideas into the new age.