World Peace in Zambia

Do you know about this festival for world peace in Zambia?peace
The love of peace pervaded the Zambia with DPCW article 10.
I think that we need to educate our children that achieving world peace is extremely proud and natural. But in order to do so, “Peace Education” needs to be included in curriculum.
Well, look at this Zambia peace story in detail ~> ∇∇∇

A Festival For World Peace in Zambia

DPCW, Article 10 Spread a culture of Peace
<Zambia peace culture spread part>


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I wish all live in peace and harmony of earth.  Our children need to realize that cessation of war is the work of peace. ‘Peace Education’ needs to be included in curriculum.

40-Day Peace Journey Together with Zambian Peace Advocates and HWPL

In 2017, throughout the months of November and december, for a total of 40 days, peace events including a forum advocating the implementation of Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), a campaign for peace education and Religious Peace Camp were held one after another in Zambia.

Meeting with Honorable Mr. Given Lubinda, the Minister of Justice in Zambia

Dedicated to establishing an education foundation with his great interest in peace education, Minister Given Lubinda emphasized that the culture of Peace is the main value and power for future generations.

To implement this ideal, he proposed that States must actively promote and realize Article 10 of the DPCW, which calls for the establishment of a sustainable culture of peace through education freedom of press and participation by the people through th creation of HWPL peace academies and educational programs.

Peace for You, For Me and For Us together: Peace Walk to Exhibit DPCW Posters

In Kamulanga ward of Lusaka, capital city of Zambia, elementary middle and high school students participated in the Drawing Posters of Peace event and subsequent peace walk with the hope of achieving the sustainable implementation of the culture of peace through peace education in Zambia. They eagerly shared their drawings which portrayed their passion and love toward peace.

The peace walk represented the desire for the end of war all around the world and the implementation of Article 10 of the DPCW, spreading a culture of peace, in not only Zambia, but throughout the entire African continent. Teh event was attended by 360 participants to propagate this core value of the Declaration, and the national broadcasting network in Zambia covered the peace walk and released the news across the country.

Platform for Religious Harmony the Religious Peace Camp in Zambia : Seeking the Role fo Religious Leaders for Peace

Article 8 of the Declaration contains the protection and promotion of freedom of religion and religious diversity. Religious Peace Camp was initiated to remind all people of the role and responsibility of religious leaders and the religious community as a whole to practice the value embedded in this Article.

Citizens in Zambia coming from diverse religious backgrounds including Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, took part in the camp to transcend these differences and turn previously held misunderstandings and boundaries into understanding and harmony.

In their speeches each religious representative mentioned the duty of the religious community in this current era as stated below.

  • Swami Devpryananda, representative of Hinduism:
    “Going back to the religious history, religion has always been misemployed to take advantage in territorial disputes or for gaining authority. Therefore, religion must be in unity under one God.”
  • Samuel Sikalongo, representative of Islam:
    “Religion should pursue its original will and purpose and achieve peaceful harmony through understanding and tolerance.”
  • Patrick Mwale, representative of Christiantity:
    “Religious people must not pursue any forms of violence under the name of religion. Because god is peace, believers should follow it as well.”

Participants of this 2-day long Religious Peace Camp planned to continue their meeting to compare and contrast religious scriptures in the pursuit of the true concept of peace by actively working to seek out the trustworthy scripture at HWPL’s WARP Office.

I wish all live peaceful life in Zambia

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Peace For You, For Me and For Us together [HWPL Peace Education]  Let’s work together to spread the seeds of  peace~♥

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, 26th Peace Tour

‘HWPL Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee, 26th Peace Tour’ continued from ‘Man Hee Lee, Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour’


Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour at a Glance – Part 2

▶ Establishment of the HWPL Malaysia Branch

Building a Basis for the Initiation of  Diverse Peace Project including Peace Campaigns Advocating for the DPCW

HWPL, together with the IWPG, held the inauguration  ceremony for the HWPL Malaysia branch and the IWPG Malaysia branch on 31 January at the University of Malaya, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Peace, man hee lee

“I am so pleased HWPL has been reistered by the Government of Malaysia. From now on, I will actively contribute by doing diverse peace project including peace campaigns urging for the implementation of the DPCW. We cannot and should not take peace for granted, we have to work for it, we have to preserve it and keep it for the future generations,” explained Mr. Ghani Bin Ibrahim, Chairperson of the HWPL Malaysia branch.

More specifically, the yearly plan for 2018 of the HWPL Malaysia branch includes a campaign for the enactment of the principles of the DPCW of HWPL as an international law through the opening of peace clubs in each university starting from International Islamic University Malaysia with cooperation from the law schools. Every three months the members of the peace clubs will plan to gather and have a group discussion regarding further activities related to the DPCW.

▶ Religious Leaders to Discuss their Role in Peace building, Religious  Freedom. and Human Rights

On January 26th, an interfaith dialogue for peace building in the name of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office (WARP Office) was held at University of Makati in Metro Manila to promote understanding among religions and the peace activities of religious leaders. A total of 1,300 participants including religious representatives from Christianity and Islam and students from the University of Makati joined the event.

Rev. Acharya Prem Shankaranand Tirth, the Hindu High Priest of Shree Gita Ashram, explained, “I had very clear ideas regarding the boundaries of religion, but while I participated in the WARP offices, I realized that the names of god in each religion are different, but they have something in common: what God wanted to teach us was love and peace.”

“Religious individuals should love and respect others in the same way they love themselves. I would like to ask what kind of God the religious leader who attempts to force religious conversion believes in and what doctrine he is practicing. Religious leaders should not try to exclude different religions, but they should work together in harmony and do good in society,” he added regarding coercive conversion leading to the recent murder case in the Republic of Korea.


On January 31st the Conference for Interfaith Harmony was held at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur and was attended by 120 representatives and believers from Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Taoism. Following this, on February 1st in Myanmar the HWPL Religious Leaders’ Conference was held and around 600 individuals from religious and women’s groups, including religious leaders, participated.

On the same day, during an exclusive interview with MNA, a national news agency of Myanmar, HWPL’s Chairman Man Hee Lee explained about the meaning of the opening of the HWPL Religious Leader’s Conference, “We have the Peace Conference today in Myanmar because it is important to have conversation and dialogue between different religions on Myanmar where different faiths live together. Today in Myanmar we hope that this peace and cessation of the war in the world is the big-picture goal of everything we do.”

Among the religious events that were held during this peace tour in particular, HWPL presented about urged for a statement by religious leaders regarding the freedom of religion and human rights.

Mr. John Rommel Garces, General Director of the HWPL Philippine Branch, said, “For world peace, there is an increase in the suppression of distorted reports by some religious leaders of the Republic of Korea concerning HWPL, which is cooperating with religious leaders around the world without any distinction of religion. Thus, HWPL has issued a statement to further strengthen peace, the freedom of religion and human rights.”

Press and media in Myanmar play an important role in peace-making and cessation of war. HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee


▶ Discussion of the Establishment of the DPCW as a Legal Basis to bring forth a Peaceful Society in Myanmar

On February 2nd Yangon, Myanmar an international law seminar was held and attended by 130 government figures and lawyers, all aiming to seek effective ways to urge for the development of the DPCW and its enactment as a domestic document in Myanmar in the future.

peace seminar, hwpl

U Shein, the founding president of Happy, Healthy and Helping society gave her support by saying, “The DPCW, which was written by HWPL consists of 10 articles. It has many similarities with the constitution of Myanmar, which consists of 7 articles. This declaration is essential for Myanmar and needs to be supported.”

On the same day, about 350 young students gathered together to support the realization and introduction of peace education in Myanmar. The Deputy Director General of the Department of Higher Education and 10 representatives form different colleges and universities also participated in this event. The purpose for which this event was held was to lay the foundation for the application of peace education in the education field in Myanmar with a fundamental level of education that transcends any religion or ideology.

The Grand Tour of HWPL Website ▶ ▶ ▶

Man Hee Lee, Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour

◊ 26th Peace Tour ◊
Chairman, Man Hee Lee of HWPL


As you know, yesterday was 2nd Annual Commemoration of DPCW, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.


DPCW, 2nd Annual Commemoration,peace

Chairman, Man Hee Lee of HWPL has gone beyond national boundaries, race and religions. He did the work of proclaiming to the West what has been fulfilled in the East.

In addition, he went around the world 26 times and proclaimed the cessation of wars and world peace. He received signed peace treaties from former and current presidents, chief justices, university chancellors, various organization leaders, and various religious leaders.

He also made known through national broadcasting stations, various broadcasting programs, and the media the work that had been accomplished up until that time.

The following are Mr. Man Hee Lee HWPL Chairman’s recent progress(peace activities) of proclaiming to the Philippines & Indonesia.



 Play movie for details concerning 26th peace activities of Mr. Man Hee Lee HWPL Chairman when you click images~


Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour at a Glance – part 1peace

“I advocated to achieve peace and cessation of war and leave it as a legacy to the future generations. I witnessed the world that has become anew. It was outstanding this time. Politicians, ministers, educational professionals, religious leaders and anyone else that I met even took the initiative in saying they would help (the work of peace) at the risk of their own lives,” stated Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL regarding this world peace tour.

Let us follow the footprints of the world peace tour which lasted a total of 11 days (from 23 January to 2 February) and spanned a total of four countries with the Philippines as the first country visited this year, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

At the Forefront of Peace Education: the Philippines & Indonesia

HWPL and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the government of the Philippines signed an MOA regarding peace education on January 23rd. CHED plans to introduce the peace education curriculum and materials revised by HWPL in full accordance with the local education system in the Philippines.

Commissioner Ronald L. Adamat of the CHED, who first proposed the MOA to HWPL, expressed hope for HWPL’s peace education by statind “Children easily imitate war through toys depicting weapons of war, but they don’t know how to play and imitate peace. Promoting HWPL’s peace education through the CHED will affect many educational institutions across the nation and play a crucial role in promoting peace in the Philippines.”

Subsequently on January 29th in Indonesia, the “HWPL Peace Academy” MOU Signing Ceremony was held at the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

hwpl,peace education,man hee lee

Dr. Barsihannor Zuhri, the Dean of UIN Alauddin of Makassar, stressed the importance of such peace academies, stating that “Since Indonesia is a multicultural, multi-religious country, confilicts are constantly taking place. Therefore, harmony and peace are more desperately needed. Educators with the perspective of peace should strive to make peace education and the culture of peace spread to Indonesia.”

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said “All students should be taught peace from the textbooks they learn every day, and the teachings of war must be changed and discontinued. How can we achieve peace? Peace begins by teaching students about peace,” once again emphasizing the importance of peace education.

Indonesian Bar Association, Himpunan Advokat Pengacara Indonesia (HAPI)

Seeking the Solution for Dispute Resoloution through the Development of the DPCW

In Indonesia, the second country visited during the 26th Peace Tour, the HWPL peace delegation discovered an opportunity that would become the turning point in the direction of achieving “harmony inside of peace”.

On January 27th President of Himpunan Advokat Pengacara Indonesia (HAPI) and 13 lawyers gathered in Jakarta to discuss the  establishment of a legal framework for setting dispute of the national and international society to secure peace. At the event, the 10 articles and 38 cluses of the DPCW were introduced as a mechanism to strenthen the peaceful coexistence among nations, peoples and religions, as well as to expend peace awareness through peace education and the spreading of a culture of peace.


HWPL is comitted to bringing world peace and cessation of war through the establishment of an enforceable law compatible with the 10 article and 38 clauses of the DPCW, which can prohibit all kind of armed confilicts. Thus, the people of Indonesia are also responsible for sdvocating peace builiding through a legal foundation in the country. This is one of the obvious solutions for the achievement of sustainable peace.” said Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, emphasizing the need for the international society’s advocation and cooperation.

“The solution for eradication the structural causes of violent conflicts is not through force or the use of armed weapons, but rather through the enactment of a peace-related law compatible with the DPCw.” added Ms. Hyun Sook Yoon, the acting Chairwoman and Director of IWPG HQ.

Mrs. Dr. Hj. Elza Syarief SH. MH., Chairwoman of HAPI, stated, “HWPL has a great vision to achieve peace all over the world. Also, I am moved that all members of HWPL are working voluntarily for peace. I think HAPI members will work together for peace bilding with HWPL,” expressing high expectations and ambitions for a peace movement in Indonesia.


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Peace & War in Yemen

Saying “Adieu” to War in the Hope of Bring Peace to Yemen peace

On New Year’s Eve, people embraced their loved ones, saying adieu to the year that was soon to pass by. New Year’s Day was then greeted with a sky embroidered bycolorful fireworks, wishing all people haainess for the year 2018. Yet, the other side of the world continued to to see the death tolls and jnjuries rising, even on the first day of the new year. Yemen, once rising, even on the first day of the new year. Yemen, once called “the jewel at the Gulf of Aden”, is now left with completely collapsed infrastructure for public heath and is ranked 4th according to Fragile States Index (FSI) by Fund for Peace.

hwpl, Yemen

The total number of air-raids reported, according to the Yemen Data Project (YDP), is approximately 15,489 occurrences. Currently 70 million malnourshed citizens (UNICEF), 50,000 injuries from air-raids and 10,600 deaths (UN) from armed conflicts make up the tragic statistics in the country. Due to the ongoing conflicts and poor public assistance, there are now 180 million peopel in desperate need of food aid, and out of 10 million suspected cases of cholera, 2,200 died in November 2017 alone.

In 10th November 2017, an air – raid strike in the vicinity of Alshaheed Alsamawi school at Sana’s, the capital city of Yemen. A little girl was buried by the air-raid strike in the vicinity of Alshaheed Alsamawi school.

By early 2017, voer 3 million refugees were relocated due to this long-lasting war. The water supply and sewage systems, not to mention the medical and social infrastructures, were also severly damaged, leaving the children of Yemen vulnerable to a variety of communicable diseases. According to UNICEF, one child in Yemen dies every 10 minutes. Many citizens had to leave everthing behind in theri hometowns and take furge at temporary shelters on the street.

War, Yemen
10 November 2017, an air-raid strike in the vicinity of Alshaheed Alsamawi school at Sana’s, the capital city of Yemen

In the past, Yemen had gone through 130 years of colonial occupation prior to the Cold War and were once divided into North and South Yemen. In 1990, the two countries reached an agreement to reunite as a single country; however, clashes in ideologies thriggered the North to absorb the South through the use of armed force merely 4 years agter the agreement was reached. The situation for the Yemenis did not improve even after democratic process was implemented and used to elect the president because his dictatorship pushed them further into the extreme depths of poverty.


This dire situation worsened beyond belief as unexpected violent encounters during the Arab Spring (Arab revolutions) divided Yemen and its people into North and South once again.

Religious and ethnic confrontations as well as the intervention of neighboring countries into such disputes, and the supply of armaments by the world powers(Amnesty, SIPRI), created Yemen into an international battleground between the regionalpowers all promoting different ideologies. (One such tragedy was an air-raid on 26 December 2017 that killed 68 innocent civilians-UN Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick in Yemen). The dawn of a new year is upon us. When, how, and throguth whom will the light ofpeace be able to shine upon Yemen, allowing all of its citizens to say “Adieu” to war?

Mohammed Abdulah Jubarh, General Manager of Hawa Sana’s in parthership with the Yemeni press with HWPL newsletter writers

On 3 January 2018, Mohammed Abdulah Jubarah, General Manager of Hawa Sana’s (in parthership with the Yemeni press), with HWPL newsletter writers. He stated that “the Yemeni crisis is the accumulation of long conflicts due to the expropriation of power and wealth. But regional intervention exacerbated the conflict.” He finds “the solution in Yemen lies in the political dialogue, the renunciation by the opposing forces of arms, the return to the policical process, the closure of political files, the compensation of the victims of conflicts and the application of transitional justice to the perpetrators, through the return to the outcomes of the dialogue conference.”

He sees the improtance of the role of HWPL in “support(ing) projects that support the promotion of a culture of  dialogue … Organizing meetings, between the leaders of the conflicting forces to deveolop common perceptions of the solution in Yemen, in addition to organizing training courses and workshops for journalists and activists to confront the culture of hatred and support peace efforts.”

The new year of 2018 is the time when the voice advocating for peace and cessation of war is the strongest, not only in Yemen, but also throughtout the world, just as there is a common saying, “it’s always darkest before the dawn,”  we sincerely hope for the day when we put a complete stop to the in peace for the citizens fo Yemen united in one heart.

HWPL’s roll & Yemen’s Peace source: 

Outcome of ‘HWPL Peace Education’

 The Outcome that will deliver great changes, by Peace Education of HWPL


This, Outcome of ‘HWPL Peace Education’ is continued from

<Indonesia Seeks Peace Building with International NGO>


A Head of HAPI is presenting a stature of Garuda which is the symbol of Indonesia to chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL.

… Head of the HAPI, Mrs. Dr. Hj. Elza Syarief said, “The DPCW contains provisions that essentially stop the war like activities. So the enactment of the DPCW is a definite answer to the end of the war and achievement of peace.“… I agree with her completely because the DPCW stops the war and events as this (Florida school shooting: won’t happend again

On the 29th, HWPL Peace Academy MOU Signing Ceremony with Universitas Islam Negeri (UN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta” was held to implement the practical peace education for youth. The MOU of Peace Education with HWPL has been signed by 11 schools in Indonesia.

Currently, 140 schools around the world including the Philippines, Israel, and India have been designated as HWPL Peace Academies to introduce peace education for students.

As well as the peace movement of legal experts, education field, and civil society, about 220 Indonesian religious leaders attended the “HWPL Indonesian religious Leaders’ Conference” and agreed to  work on religious cooperation and play the role of religious leaders to achieve peace.

Mr. Mulyadi Ling, Head of Education of Majelis Tinggi Agama Konghucu Indonesia(MATAKIN) addressed “There will be no more chaos or war when everyone is willing to share the message of peace throughout the world.

We can take this initiative by educating our children early on the importance of tolerance and harmonious life.” “We hope our planet is free from war. In this regard, we have a practical solution to achieve peace.

The DPCW with 10 articles and 38 clause was made by international law experts and we have made a commitment to advocate and promote it globally with politicians, religious leaders, civil society representatives. With this, a world of peace will become a reality.” said, Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL.


(Peace education) Indonesia Peace Building News ⇑

Gun Control or HWPL Peace Education?

Gun Control
Peace Education of HWPL,
Weapons Producing Ban,

peace, florida school shooting

Florida school shooting
Enough is enough~!


If 'peace education' is performed form childhood, our children worn't hold guns


“In this world should become a safer place to live in, free from mass shootings and gun accidents. Our kids need safety now.”
Gun control: How countries around the world introduced restrictions

But, is ‘Gun control’ the real solution? 
It is more important to find more fundamental solutions. 

peace, hwpl

If peace education is performed from childhood, our children won’t hold guns.

We need to educate our children that achieving world peace is extremely natural.

A lot of organizations and schools from each country on the globe are designated as ‘Peace School of HWPL’ and peace education is being performed.

‘Peace education’ needs to be included in all the school curriculum.

We are all a big family living in a global village.

HWPL, our purpose is world peace.

If there are someone bothering achieving world peace, that is ridiculous.

Above all, we need to achieve peace and hand down to our later generation.

Education has the power to change world~!

Peace education at school~!!!


peace, peace law

DPCW is the only answer!!!

To know more in detail, please visit HWPL website about ‘DPCW’
Site of HWPL about DPCW:

Mascot, 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

The Mascot for the 2018 Winter Olympics

February 9th ~ 25th


Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics:
Feb. 9th 2018



<The 2018 Winter Olympics that are take place in Pyeongchang, from February 9th to 25th, 2018>


Peace, Korea, 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

peaceThe Mascot for the 2018 Winter Olympics is Soohorang, a white tiger.


peace, Korea, mascot, BandabiThe Mascot for the Paralympics is Bandabi, and Asiatic black bear who shows strong will and courage.

peace, goSoohorang and Bandabi have very expressive emotions that show passion, joy, love and enthusiasm.


PyeongChang olympics, Soohorang
The Mascot for the PyeongChang Olympics : Soohorang (A White Tiger)


PyeongChang Paralympics, Bandabi
The Mascot for the PyeongChang Paralympics : Bandabi (An Asiatic Black Bear)

Pyeongchang Olympic

Closing Ceremonies for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics:
Feb. 25th 2018

Pyeongchang Paralympics

Pyeongchang Paralympics

‘HWPL Day’ Peace Vista in Mindanao

Peace Vista ‘HWPL Day’ in Mindanao

Mindanao HWPL walk festival


On January 24, 2017, 650 participants, including the governor of Maguindanao, Esmael Mangudadatu, and heads of local organizations, joined the peace walk the Maguindanao Women and children Peace and Action Center.

Prior to the peace walk, participants watched a video that captures HWPL’s peace promoting activities in Mindanao and reaffirmed their commitment to keeping peace in the community.

Governor Mangudadatu proclaimed.

“Now is the crucial moment for peace”, reaffirming his pledge to work together with all participants and citizens in bringing sustainable peace to region.

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Ms. Helen Laud Piang, member of the board of trustees of the Maguindanao Women’s for Peace and Development Organization, expressed, “Many citizens in the Buluan region are now more aware on the issue of peace through the January 24th annual commemorative events. Let us work together with HWPL for peace.”

The land where dramatic tensions reigned in society due to the enduring conflict met the collective efforts of Mindanao communities and HWPL, thus slowly transforming it into a land that promotes peace and prosperity.

This is the result of the strong solidarity of people in Mindanao for recognizing the importance of the culture of peace spoken of in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW and dedicating their efforts to apply those principles into actions.

Peace, HWPL Day

This action plan includes education on peace as well as morals and ethics. Such programs will be crucial moving forward as the consecutive steps to establish sustainable peace and stability in the region. By implementing these practices, the DPCW is becoming a catalyst for realizing peace both locally and globally./

The Mindanao Peace Agreement, facilitated by the third party HWPL, was made on the 24th of January in 2014 and since then it has triggered continuous efforts to keep the promise of political stability in the province of Maguindanao and the reconciliation among religious leaders.

On May 25, 2015, the site witnessed an outpouring of people, a total of 3,000 participation in the peace walk and also designated the anniversary of the Mindanao Peace Agreement as ‘HWPL Day’.

In the following year, on January 24, 2016, the second HWPL peace monument was established in the Philippines, but this time at the heart of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, MILF base camp.

By doing so, the land previously overshadowed by sorrows and grief from continuous violence and horror became the foundation on which the spirit of peace could spread among the citizens.

In the aftermath, people of Mindanao are now working on activities in various fields for peace to be settled, such as the peace academy project, peace walks, and peace exhibitions, all in the hope of ushering a complete peace throughout the land.

Source <HWPL Day & Peace Walk in Mindanao, Philippines >

What is HWPL?

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light

What is HWPL?

‘What is HWPL?’ source:



HWPL is committed to bringing world peace and cessation of war through the establishment of an enforceable law compatible with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW and the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP offices.

HWPL transcends culture, religion, ideology, and other boundaries to achieve peaceful harmony in the global society with peace and respect for life as its core values.

IWPG, International Women Peace Group and IPYG, International Youth Peace Group involved with HWPL’s initiatives play a significant role in both peace building and conflict resolution in their respective communities as proponents of peace.


Global Peace Network


what is hwpl


HWPL branch


HWPL advisory council


Publicity Ambassadors


Legislate Peace Campaign Signatures

For the common purpose of peace, HWPL is closely working with distinguished world leaders and civil society actors who provide their expertise and insights to develop and build awareness of HWPL’s peace projects. Many thanks to our members and all citizens who took active part in our activities.


What is hwpl


——HWPL Peace Initiatives & Projects——


HWPL is committed to bringing world peace and cessation of war

Law for Peace peacelaw

Our essential objectives for achieving peace are manifested in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW which aims to eradicate the structural caused of violent conflicts

Alliance of Religions peace

HWPL’s interfaith peace communication solely promotes the alliance of religions through discussions based on scriptures to prevent conflicts caused by misunderstanding.

Women & Youth Empowermenthwpl

Women and youth who unite together as one to voice their right to continue to carry out substantial coordinated activities in actualization of HWPL’s peace initiatives.

Legislate Peace Campaignpeace

The Legislate peace Campaign is a global peace advocacy campaign for HWPL’s Law for peace initiative.

WARP Officepeace

Currently, over 200 WARP offices are operating around the world to find the best solution to peace through religious texts.

Peace Walkpeace

Since 2013, in major cities around the world, peace walks and campaigns to spread a sustainable culture of peace occur every year with various themes and programs

Peace Educationpeace

117 schools voluntarily became HWPL Peace Academies and agreed to design programs nad courses to enhance the peacemaking capacities of students in all grades.


HWPL History

◊ 2013

what is hwpl

ㅡ Heavenly Culture, Wrold Peace, Restoration of Light, HWPL was founded under the leadership of chairman Man Hee Lee and its Headquarters was registered as a non-governmental organization in Seoul Metropolitan city.
ㅡ The Declaration of World Peace was proclaimed at the World Peace Gate in Seoul Olympic Park

◊ 2014



ㅡ The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP Summit was attended by 200,000 leaders and citizens from 130 countries of the world to endorse the global legislation of peace through international cooperation.
ㅡ The Mindanao Peace Agreement was signed in Mindanao, Philippines.

◊ 2015



ㅡ HWPL was registered under the United Nations Department of Public Information, UN DPI.
ㅡ The HWPL International Law Peace Committee was established at the 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Peace Summit.

◊ 2016



ㅡ The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW was proclaimed on 14 March.

◊ 2017


ㅡ The 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace & Peace Walk was held in 85 cities across 44 countries worldwide.
ㅡ The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Peace Summit will be held in September 2017.


Peace Community


HWPL International Law Peace Committeepeace

Comprised of renowned international law experts from 15 countries, the HWPL International Law Peace Committee has its goal of achieving peace through establishing a legally binding instrument compatible with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW.


HWPL Advisory Councilman hee lee

HWPL Advisory Council, consisting of distinguished world leaders, provides advisory opinion and analysis on initiatives of HWPL in their respective fields of profession.


HWPL Publicity Ambassadorswhat is hwpl

HWPL Publicity Ambassadors are well-known personalities who actively build awareness and directly engage in publicizing HWPL’s peace activities through on and offline platforms by holding promotional events, educating the public, and covering HWPL’s news on media.


HWPL Peace Advocacy Committeehwpl peace advocacy committee

The committee is in a unique position to urge their respective nations to recognize and adopt the principles of the DPCW through creating awareness raising activities, commemorations, and initiatives that engage the public consciousness with peace.



HWPL Today



Since its foundation in 2013, HWPL has grown exponentially in terms of both supporters and influence worldwide. With peace as its core value, HWPL has operated a number of campaigns and events across the globe to unite individuals from all sectors and levels within society. Within only a few short years, HWPL has partnered with citizens and organizations from over a hundred countries in order to advocate peace on an international scale, particularly through the advocacy campaigns for an international law based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW. Through the hosting of annual events, such as the World Alliance of Religion’ Peace, WARP Summit and Peace Walks commemorating the Declaration of World Peace, HWPL continues to gather additional support from individuals, civil society actors, national leaders, religious leaders, and others under the common goal of a world free of war and conflict. As more people are being awakened to this era of Peace, the light of peace has continually brightened and spread like the first glimmers of dawn transforming into the full light of day. When the world unites with a single heart for peace under the values of heavenly culture that transcend divisive boundaries between communities, the flower of peace will soon bloom and peace will be left as a legacy to future generations.


Join HWPL.

Become a Peace Messenger.

Provide your voice in our projects and help us realize the legacy of  peace for future generations.

ㅡ Today we make a difference.

HWPL, Get involved


what is hwpl,peace

Come on (^ .^)/~

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee & DPCW Implementation

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL
& DPCW Implementation

Recognizing the imminent threats posed by conflicts and wars, prominent legal experts from various countries came together with a determination to procuce a new legal document that could serve as a foundation for a safe and peaceful world. Through theri collaborative efforts, the DPCW(Declatartion of Peace and cessation of War) was drafted and offically proclaimed.


Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee of HWPL fought in the frontlines of war, the Korean war(June 25th, 1950), as a combat soldier. The Korean War was a tragic, fratricidal war.
HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee who saw his comrades dying in pain countless times proclaimed legislated Declaration of Peace and cessation of war, DPCW in the world, on March 14th, 2016.

He indicated weak points that international law allowed war if necessary. And he has insisted that powerful cessation of war international law is needed to block out the source.
DPCW has 10 articles and 38 clause. Main contents include reinforcement of existing international law  to prevent war.

The differences between existing international law and new revised law are the clauses which include solution of religious conflicts.

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At the 3rd WARP Summit on September 18th, HWPL Chairman, Mr. Man Hee Lee said, ” This precious and indispensable gift was bestowed upon the human race as a legacy from heaven. Who must protect our world? It is us, the family of the global village. Neither wealth nor power can be passed down as a heritage if we fail to stop wars. mankind and our earth will share a fatal destiny.”

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Global peace Festival with 200,000 people from 30 Countries was held in Korea

A Culture of Peace was envisioned at a Peace Festival at the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP summit

On september 18, a global peace festival celebrating the 3rd annual Commemoration of the Alliance of  religions’ Peace, WARP Summit was held.
Along with the main venue held at Hwaseong Sports Complex in Gyeongggi Province, South Korea, 200,000 people form 230 cities in 30 countries including USA, South Africa, United Kingdom, China, and the Philippines participated in the summit through live broadcasting.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, HWPL a global NGO under the UN ECOSOC,showed colorful parade and performances to raise awareness of peacebuilding at the second day of the summit. Despite the increased tension caused by a series of North Korea’s nuclear tests, the summit has sought ways to implement peacebuilding based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW advocating conflict resolution and development of peace as a culture. The card section performance prepared by volunteers of the summit appealed to participants with images regarding a peaceful world achieved by global cooperation.

Chairman, Man Hee Lee of HWPL, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL urged the active participation for the implementation of the DPCW by saying, “This precious and indispensable gift was bestowed upon the human race as a legacy from heaven. Who must protect our world? It is us, the family of the global village. Neither wealth nor power can be passed down as a heritage if we fail to stop wars. Mankind and our Earth will share a fatal destiny.”


In his congratulatory message, H.E. Dr. Moncef Marzouki, Former President of Tunisia, delivered, “Today we are closer to each other than to people sharing with us the same nationality but not the same values, the first being the protection and promotion of peace in the world. In these conditions of fragile peace and terrible wars, the permanent effort for peace must be continuous and mobilize all goodwill in the world.”

H.E. Adrien Houngbedji, President of the National Assembly of Benin, mentioned the value and future development of the DPCW, explaining that “It (the DPCW) is a praiseworthy effort which needs to be saluted. However, the different principles of this declaration must still be operationalized through a course of action, so that our countries as well as the international community can look for the possibility of implementing these measures in their national laws and treaties, agreements and international conventions.”

Plaques recognizing dedication to peacebuilding were given to the HWPL’s International Law Peace Committee for the members’ contribution to drafting the DPCW. At the end of the event, the participants held each other’s hands and marched together, symbolizing a commitment of individuals transcending borders, races and religions to work of peace.