Definition of Religion -Man Hee Lee

What is Religion?

What is religion?
Man Hee Lee True religion in the same way is telling
what a persion has seen and heard from heaven.
This is religion. 


Definition of Religion
– Man Hee Lee –




What is Religion?
Religion is not learning or teaching any culture or knowledge of the world.
Religion is teaching and learning the invisible spiritual realm, the world of god.
If so, the religious leader has to have communication with heaven.
Such Person has to speak and teach what he/she had seen and heard.
If there isn’t anything a person had seen or heard, but speaks based on his own interest, his words are merely of his and not religion.

Not only this, some things, when said merely based on our own thoughts or in context of worldly needs, are not different from seeing with sunglasses on.
We can’t see its original color.
One cannot see the truth when his/her self-interest gets involved, just like not being able to see the true color with sunglasses on. That’s right.
True religion, in the same way, is telling what a person has seen and heard from heaven.
This is religion.


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Invitation to the World Peace

The Way to Unity of Society and Peace
in the World




On May 10, “The way to Unity of Society and Peace in the World” was held in Kiev, Ukraine during which HWPL and Ukraine organizations including the International Spiritual and Moral Civilization movement and people’s Assembly of Ukraine signed an MOU to expand further peace activities based on the principles of the DPCW for peacebuilding.

On May 20, Tirgu Mures City in Romania and HWPL signed an MOU for the peace culture city project, which promotes bilateral cooperation and exchanges in the field of education and culture. “Tirgu Mures city with multicultural and historical backgrounds is one of the successful cases of ethnic coexistence. This work of peace led by Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL is to raise awareness of global citizens and learning and thinking about culture” said, mayor Dorin Florea.




Friendship from war leads to partnerships for restoration and reconciliation

Among the countries visited by HWPL, Sweden and Norway are the ones that have played a significant role in the settlement of peace in Korea since the Korean War.

On May 15, organized by the International Youth Peace group (IPYG) affiliated with HWPL, the “Positive change for Tomorrow” was held at the Nobel Museum. This event was held to recall the history of Sweden’s dedication of peace in Korea, including the medical relief operation by the Swedish Red Cross Fiedl Hospital that was dispatched during the 1950s Korean War, and to urge the youths of the two countries to cooperate for the realization of world peace.

Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin, Chairman of the Nobel Museum stated, “Sweden and Korea, and further the vision of IPYG working for peace, are synonymous with the spirit of Nobel. I hope that this event will be a great opportunity to bring peace on the Korean peninsula.”

On May 16, the “Peace and Reconciliation Conference”, under the theme of international partnership for global peace and human rights, was held in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. In the event the human rights issues related to North Korean defectors were introduced, which led to discussions regarding Korean reunification from the view of peacebuilding and the significance of a peace network with participation from European youth.

hwpl, Man Hee Lee, Peace, chairman

As a special speaker, Ms. Min-sun Kim, a North Korean defector and head of the Peaceful Unification of support Organization, stated that “I believe that the movement of the Chairman of HWPL can serve a key role in mediating in peace processes between the two Koreas” and asked participants for cooperation in healing the wounds of the Korean Peninsula. “The unification of the Koran Peninsula will move one step forward when all the International Society pays attention to Korea together,” she added.

The President of the Internationalist, youth organization in Oslo University presented about the Norwegian youth’s practice plan for supporting the reunification of Korea and made a resolution to cooperate with HWPL.

peaceThe attention of the people of the world is concentrated on the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
During this 27th European world peace tour, it was clearly presented that ‘peace’ is not a problem of a nation but a problem of all nations of the world. So, people passionately supported the reunification of the Korean peninsula with an expectation that it world be the key to world peace. We hope this peace movement will spread to all corners of the earth and that the dream of peace desired b the entire humanity will be fulfilled as soon as possible.


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The Answer to Peace -HWPL News-

[HWPL News]
The Answer to Peace


hwpl peace

“The Answer to Peace is that everybody becomes a messenger of Peace”

: HWPL Peace messenger calls on five European countries to urge for World Peace and the Reunification of the  Korean Peninsula

man hee lee
HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee is delivering speech at th Pan-European Peace Forum

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and the peace delegation visited from 9th to 23rd of May, five European countries (Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Romania) to advocate for international cooperation for peace, focusing on the support from the leaders and citizens of Europe for the peaceful reunification of Korea.

Regarding “the solution to peace” the message spoken by Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, wherever he goes, is consistent. “When each one of us walks in the path towards peace, peace will be accomplished in the global community. More than anything else, a peaceful world without war would be the greatest legacy to hand down to our children. We ourselves should transcend nationality, race and religion, so that we can create a world of peace. It si our collective task to make peace together. “Through this statement he urged people to join the work for peace.

Europe Supports Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula

Recently, the issues of the Korean peninsula are moving from hostile confrontation to peaceful talks. Adding to the warm breeze of easing tensions following the inter-Korean Summit, talks between major countries involved in the kOrean issue have proportionately increased the expectations of the Korean people for peace and stability on the peninsula.


On May 12, at the Pan-European Peace Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, representatives of the government; academia and civil society discussed the role of citizens in the peaceful reunification of th e Korean peninsula “What will bring the two Koreas together is not just government cooperation but – as we have seen from Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig that contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall) – it will be by the collaboration and efforts of the people,” said Dr. Manfred F. Welker, a member of the Frankfurt City Council.

Recently, the issues of the Korean peninsula are moving from hostile confrontation to peaceful talks. Adding to the warm breeze of easing tensions following the inter-Korean Summit, talks between major countries involved in the Korean issue have proportionately increased the expectations of the Korean people for peace and stability on the peninsula.

On May 19, the “High-Level Meeting of Former Political Leaders in Europe” was held by HWPL and the institute for Advanced Studies for Culture and Civilization of  the  Levant at the Palace of the Parliament in Romania and was attended by eastern European political leaders, prominent figures in the legal profession, UN officials, and others, with the hopes of gathering support for reunification and peace in Korea.

“To prevent being embroiled in another conflict after conflict, a national target that includes the voice of people of politics, civil society, religions, etc. should be possibly established,” advised Hon. Emil Constantinescu, former  president of Romania.

Accentuating cultural diplomacy in such international exchanges, he also added, “The great humanity conversation must now be encouraged so that larger groups of people could develop free flocks of ideas and knowledge worldwide. An important milestone has been the cooperation since 2014 with Chairman Lee of HWPL, in association with women and youth organizations, which gave extraordinary impetus to the universal peace movement. This global movement promotes a culture of peace.”

As a special session in the events held in both Germany and Romania, letters of support from leaders and citizens for the peaceful reunification of Korea were presented to HWPL According to HWPL, it plans to collect over 100,000 peace letters not only from the Republic of Korea but also from counties all around the world and deliver them to the leaders of the two Koreas.

Adoption of peace as international policy

As part of the discussions in the peace forums held in Europe during the visit, it was raised that there is a need to establish a legal framework in the international community for peacebuilding along with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), which contains the core principles of establishing international peace such as (Article 6 of the DPCW) settlement of disputes through peaceful means, (Article 3 of the DPCW) maintenance of friendly relations among countries and (Article 10 of the DPCW) spreading the culture of peace through education and freedom of the press.


peace news
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[Peace News] The Panmunjom Declaration for Peace

The Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula: from Armistice to the End of War


peace, president Moon
Two leaders of Koreas (on the left: Mr. Moon, South Korea/ on the Right: Mr, Kim, North Korea) of the picture

“Peace, a New Beggining”
The Beginning of a New Peace Era~!!


This year, 2018, the Korean Peninsula is greeting the “Spring of Peace” that has risen from the longest military confrontation in world history. Last year, the Candlelight Revolution with 17 million South Koran citizens participating and the subsequent peaceful transfer of political power, as well as this year’s PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games with the North and South Korea athletes’ parade and unified Korea flag, greatly enhanced the mood of peace. At the border where 2 million youth continue to point guns at each other, this overflow of peace was followed by the historical summit of the two Koreas.

Back in June 2017, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea invited North Korea to the Winter Olympic Games when he delivered a congratulatory speech at the event hosted by the World Taekwondo Federation. In the following month, President Moon declared in Berlin that one of his administration’s peace initiatives was to start an inter-Korean dialogue for lasting peace in the Korean peninsula. Last August, in his speech for the 72nd National liberation Day, he emphasized that the Winter Olympics was to be designed as an “Olympics of Peace” with the participation of the North. In September 2017, he further said in the United Nations that he welcomed the participation of the North Korean team in the Olympics and that “the event world shine the light of peace.”

Ultimately, at the Peace House in Panmunjom Join Security Area (JSA), the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula was adopted by the leaders of the two Koreas on April 27th this year.

Nearly 65 years ago after the and  of the Korean War, which resulted in 100,000 orphans, 300,000 windows, 5 million casualties and 10 million separated families, the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed in Panmunjom. However, in light of the recent agreement this year, this historic location of war was transformed into one with the commitment of pace. Along with regular talks between the two leaders and President Moon’s plan to visit the North, the Panmunjom Declaration can be classified based on its three core contents.

First, the two Koreas will seek to “bring forward the future of co-prosperity and unification led by Koreans by facilitating comprehensive and groundbreaking advancement in inter-Korean relations”

Second, they “will make joint efforts to alleviate the acute military tension and practically eliminate the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula”

On May 1st, as they agreed in the declaration to establish the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) as a peace zone, the loudspeakers used for psychological warfare on the DMZ were removed and hostile actions including leaflet propaganda campaigns were avoided.

Third, the declaration designates the “Non-Aggression Agreement and denuclearization, [in which] South and North Korea have engaged themselves in cooperation to establish a permanent and solid peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.”

The global community pays special attention to the Korean peninsula because it has hosted the highest level of tension that can potentially lead to a global-scale war which persisted for decades. Considering the gravity that solidified the extreme confrontation o the Cold War caused by the first international war since the foundation of the UN and which produced another crisis – nuclear proliferation, resolving the Korean issue is directly connected to global peace. Is the peace initiative President Moon proposed in Berlin likely to become the reality? – “In order to establish a permanent peace structure on the Korean Peninsula, we need to conclude a peace treaty with the participation of relevant countries, and formally end the war.”

2017. 06 WTF World Taekwondo Championship
President Moon’s first proposal for North Korea to participate in the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

2017. 07 Speech given to the members of the Körber Foundation in Germany
President Moon, “We expect North Korea to respond positively towards participation in the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.”

2018. 01 North Korean New Year’s Address
Chairman Kim expresses his will to send a delegation to the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games and engage in active dialogue

2018. 02 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, North and South Korean Athletes’ Joint March

2018. 03 Inter-Korean high-level talks for an inter-Korean Summit were held

2018. 04 2018 Inter-Korean Summit was held



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“The Steps of peace which can make war stop has started
to gathering the world for peace”
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HWPL Peace Activity News


News of Substantial Peace Activity of HWPL


Resolving Conflicts and Spreading a Culture of Peace through the DPCW: Realizing Peace on the Korean Peninsula

The 5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration o World Peace was hosted on 25th May 2018 in Seoul, Korea and other cities around the globe. The 5th Annual Commemorative event was titled ‘Resolving Conflicts and Spreading a Culture of Peace through the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCw). Various peace events for the commemoration were mainly hosted by member NGOs of the IPYG Network in 50 countries. In particular, the event held in Seoul, Kora reflected the recent thawing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the outcomes of the Inter-Korea Summit.  It focused on calling for a citizen-led peace movement for the realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula through the implementation of the concepts laid out in the DPCW.

On 25 May 2013, HWPL proclaimed the “Declaration of World Peace” in front of 30,000 young adults at the Peace Gate in Seoul, Korea and subsequently launched a peace movement led by the public garnering support from various youth organizations In working for the common goal of peace, the “Declaration of world peace” urged for combined efforts from all members of society, calling for all individuals to work as peace messengers. It presented a goal of devising a legal instrument recognized by the international community for establishing peace and promotion the cessation of war and highlighted the leading role of the youth as the future leaders of society. This declaration was then further developed into a more concrete set of codes that became the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW.

Since that initial event every year on May 25th, IPYG(International Peace Youth Group), an affiliate group of HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), mobilizes a worldwide network of youths who advocate for global peace in their respective communities through peace walks and various peace activities to commemorate the proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace on the 25th day of May every year.

DPCW Article 5 “Self Determination” and Article 10 “Spreading a Culture of Peace” 

At the core of the DPCW, which aims at building a world of peace, is the notion of a transition from the ‘rule of power (force)’ that is existing in the current international order to the ‘rule of law’ that is bosed on universal values, including peaceful coexistence and respect for one another.

Article 5 “Self-determination” in the DPCW deals with an efficient approach to matters pertaining to state boundary related issues, such as independence and the prohibition of the annexation of any territorial unit. Since a state may draw a line between respecting and limiting the rights of an individual, the same concepts are applied to the relations between both states and peoples. The DPCW stipulates the principle of the right to self-determination as the international norm.

The application of the right to self-determination for a peaceful world is incomplete in its current stage. The korean Peninsula is not the only place where nation-states and its peoples are froced into making decisions regarding actions ranging from secession or annexation to independence due to a heavy influence from the outside rather than being able to make the decision for themselves. The lessons taught through history show that decisions which lack autonomy breed conflict.

Recent developments, including the widening channels of discussion with neighboring countries, the hosting of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the Inter-Korea Summit, are changes that heighten expect actions for governments and non-governmental organizations alike. With such current developments in mind, this year on May 25th, HWPL hosted the citizen-oriented peace campaign revolving around the values captured in Article 10 of the DPCW, “Spreading a Culture of Peace” and the slogan, “Every Global Citizen Must be a Peace Messenger” HWPL will continue to promote the ideals of free travel and vibrant inter-Koran exchange, as well as laying the grounds for reducing the risk of conflict and establishing global peace, so as to bring progress in terms of World Peace and Restoration of Light as reflected in the NGO’s name.

The peace campaign that was first hosted in the divided nation, Republic of Kora, soon spread to other locations around the glove, calling for an active role to be taken by citizens to break away from the post history of wars and build a new future of peace. States will also discuss efficient measures to be taken to apply the values contained in Articles 5 and 10 of the DPCW.


Peace, the Unique Value of Humanity

the Unique Value of Humanity

5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace carried out in India

Joining the peace movement an event with a title of ‘Peace the unique value of humanity was held on June 18 in India.

5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace carried out in India

In over 50 countries including India, worldwide peace campaigns named 5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace have taken place with a motive to advocate peace-building led by youth, citizens, civic groups and media. The Declaration of World Peace was announced in 2013 by an international peace NGO affiliated with UN ECOSOC, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL) to call for all members of society to work together as peace messengers.

Joining the peace movement, an event with a title of ‘Peace, the unique value of humanity’ was held on June 18 in India. On this occasion, the representatives of civic groups gave addresses referring to the necessity of improvement of awareness of peace and solutions of conflicts. And around 150 participants wrote supporting letters for the implementation of the international law for peace.

Dr. M U Dua, President of All India Human Rights Association, said, “Wars and conflicts have broken out because of interest and pursuit of profit, and we cannot stand further sacrifice from them. Lots of people in India pay attention to the efforts put on peace. Who will lead India’s next 20 years?  It’s you. Let’s become one with HWPL, IPYG, and IWPG which work with the solutions for peace, protect ourselves from wars and conflicts and leaven culture of peace as legacy for future generations.”

In South Korea that had the recent inter-Korean summit breaking a decade of the turbulent period of tension, the event with the theme of ‘Realizing Peace on the korean Peninsula’ was held simultaneously in 12 cities on May 25, when the declaration was announced. It aimed to seek ways to interact freely with North and South, based on the citizen – centered peace activities, and to encourage citizens to take an active role in the progress in peace-building on the Korean peninsula.

“Many leaders in many parts of the world showed their support for peaceful unification of Korea. We received ‘peace letters’ that support the idea from students and youth in the countries we visited. By liquidating the past of pointing guns to kill each other, Korea should stand as a country of peace. I am certain that, as all humanity desires peace, the Korean Peninsula and glove will indeed see peace,” said Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL.

International Peace Youth Group (IPGY), the host organization affiliated with HWPL, has collected ‘peace letters’ from government officials, social representatives, and citizens with the contents of world peace and reunification of the two Koreas. According to IPYG, the supporting letters for peace in Korean peninsula received from the global family will be delivered to the two leaders of the two Koreas.

Volunteers and citizens from various countries including the U.S, Sri Lanka, India, China, France as well as Afghanistan and Palestine, the disputed areas, gathered for activities such as peace walk, peace letter writing, and signing campaign for international law for peace in order to enact an international peace law and spread a culture of peace.

Responding to the necessity of establishing a legal framework to eradicate disputes or armed conflicts, HWPL proposed the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)’ which embodies the value of the ‘Declaration of World Peace’, as a solution of world peace not only to the political, religious, and educational leaders of the international society but to youth, women, and media.

The DPCW consisting of 10 articles and 38 clauses addresses principles of conflict resolution and international cooperation for peacebuilding such as respect on the international law, peaceful dispute settlement, and spreading a culture of peace. Civil society throughout the world is carrying out peace education, peace culture projects, and ‘Legislate Peace Campaign’ to establish a legally binding international law for peace and to create a peaceful environment in the society in cooperation with HWPL.

“Citizens have the power to urge political leaders to establish peace in our times. If leaders have love for the world, nations, and people, they must come together to work for the establishment of international law for peace.” added HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, while mentioning his recent visit to European countries to advocate international cooperation for peace – building.

peace, hwpl, india Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi   peace

IPYG, Hand Your Dream

Hand Your Dream

Over 2 millions children have been killed in past 10 years.
At present 18 million children are being raised in the chaos of war more than 8 million Syrian children are in immediate need of aid

Over the past 10 year about 20 Million Children have become homeless

2.5 Million Syrian Children are living as refugee in Neighbouring Contries

Modern Bangladesh Emerged as an independent nation in 1971 after breaking away and achieving independence from pakistan in the Bangladesh liveration war by sacrificing millions of lives.

 To live the world of peace as a legacy to our child, the next generation after us, let us cease wars and advocate peace.

That’s why we have organized an awareness building art competition
“Hand Your Dream”


Children coloring their dreams STOP All the War and bring WORLD PEACE!!!

Organized by IPYG

Juvenile English Medium School Ahsan Habib (Cartoonist)



I hope cheildren are designed to pursue their dreams and to run anywhere around and to gambol happily in a global world by DPCW, international peace law.

Peace International Law, DPCW & Sri Lanka

International Law of Peace, DPCW & Srirankans

Building peace together: 7,000 Sri Lankans root for International Law for Peace

At the event, in order to promote peace-related actions by youth, 7,000 of people signing to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) attracted people’s attention.

Peace Law
7,000 Sri Lankans root for International Law for Peace~!  This will be an historic time them for Peace of Sri Lanka ~

Yowun Puraya Youth Festival – International Youth Camp was held from March 28, 2018 to April 1, 2018 with 7,000 participants including government representatives, prime ministers, youth organizations, and the press in Sri Lanka. The event was organized by the Government of Sri Lanka collaborating with the National Youth Services Council (NYSC), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs and hosted annually to motivate young people to contribute to the national developmental process.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL a Korea-based NGO) joined the event. At the event, in order to promote peace-related actions by youth, 7,000 of people signing to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) attracted people’s attention. HWPL affiliated with the UN DPI and UN ECOSOC, announced the DPCW on March 14, 2016, to strengthen a solidarity of peace through a comprehensive cooperation of all sectors of society and to establish a legally binding international law necessary for peace-building. The DPCW with 10 articles and 38 clauses, drafted by international law experts, includes provisions to avoid war-related actions and achieve peace, including respect of international law, ethnic/religious harmony, and a culture of peace.


“Sri Lanka is a country that has suffered by a war for more than 30 years until 2009. So the people of the country has already experienced the bitter side of the war. No body at the country wants to face the same situation once again. Accordingly, the DPCW could be adopted easily in Sri Lanka. The message could be communicated to the public through youth” emphasized Prabath Liyanage, Deputy Director of NYSC. Also, He mentioned about conducting an awareness programs with cooperation with HWPL that covering all the parts of the country and all religions in Sri Lanka with targeted group as youth because they are backbone of the country.

At the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the DPCW recently held in Korea, HWPL issued an official statement against anti-peace actions that hinder peace and justice with unsubstantiated information and distortion from socio-economic motives and human rights abuses by religious intolerance. It stated that HWPL “will no longer tolerate attempts to obstruct the work for peace, putting personal gain over the common good of humanity. We urge all those yearning for peace and justice to take the right path, not the path marked with lies, and join the effort to build peace together” mentioned in the
DPCW. Leaders from all levels of society in Sri Lanka joined a rally against anti-peace actions and advocated for the implementation of the International Law to realize social justice through 7,000 of signatures.


DPCW, Peace News of Sri Lanka

World Peace in Zambia

Do you know about this festival for world peace in Zambia?peace
The love of peace pervaded the Zambia with DPCW article 10.
I think that we need to educate our children that achieving world peace is extremely proud and natural. But in order to do so, “Peace Education” needs to be included in curriculum.
Well, look at this Zambia peace story in detail ~> ∇∇∇

A Festival For World Peace in Zambia

DPCW, Article 10 Spread a culture of Peace
<Zambia peace culture spread part>


World Peace, Peace Walk,peace education,DPCW Article 10
I wish all live in peace and harmony of earth.  Our children need to realize that cessation of war is the work of peace. ‘Peace Education’ needs to be included in curriculum.

40-Day Peace Journey Together with Zambian Peace Advocates and HWPL

In 2017, throughout the months of November and december, for a total of 40 days, peace events including a forum advocating the implementation of Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), a campaign for peace education and Religious Peace Camp were held one after another in Zambia.

Meeting with Honorable Mr. Given Lubinda, the Minister of Justice in Zambia

Dedicated to establishing an education foundation with his great interest in peace education, Minister Given Lubinda emphasized that the culture of Peace is the main value and power for future generations.

To implement this ideal, he proposed that States must actively promote and realize Article 10 of the DPCW, which calls for the establishment of a sustainable culture of peace through education freedom of press and participation by the people through th creation of HWPL peace academies and educational programs.

Peace for You, For Me and For Us together: Peace Walk to Exhibit DPCW Posters

In Kamulanga ward of Lusaka, capital city of Zambia, elementary middle and high school students participated in the Drawing Posters of Peace event and subsequent peace walk with the hope of achieving the sustainable implementation of the culture of peace through peace education in Zambia. They eagerly shared their drawings which portrayed their passion and love toward peace.

The peace walk represented the desire for the end of war all around the world and the implementation of Article 10 of the DPCW, spreading a culture of peace, in not only Zambia, but throughout the entire African continent. Teh event was attended by 360 participants to propagate this core value of the Declaration, and the national broadcasting network in Zambia covered the peace walk and released the news across the country.

Platform for Religious Harmony the Religious Peace Camp in Zambia : Seeking the Role fo Religious Leaders for Peace

Article 8 of the Declaration contains the protection and promotion of freedom of religion and religious diversity. Religious Peace Camp was initiated to remind all people of the role and responsibility of religious leaders and the religious community as a whole to practice the value embedded in this Article.

Citizens in Zambia coming from diverse religious backgrounds including Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, took part in the camp to transcend these differences and turn previously held misunderstandings and boundaries into understanding and harmony.

In their speeches each religious representative mentioned the duty of the religious community in this current era as stated below.

  • Swami Devpryananda, representative of Hinduism:
    “Going back to the religious history, religion has always been misemployed to take advantage in territorial disputes or for gaining authority. Therefore, religion must be in unity under one God.”
  • Samuel Sikalongo, representative of Islam:
    “Religion should pursue its original will and purpose and achieve peaceful harmony through understanding and tolerance.”
  • Patrick Mwale, representative of Christiantity:
    “Religious people must not pursue any forms of violence under the name of religion. Because god is peace, believers should follow it as well.”

Participants of this 2-day long Religious Peace Camp planned to continue their meeting to compare and contrast religious scriptures in the pursuit of the true concept of peace by actively working to seek out the trustworthy scripture at HWPL’s WARP Office.

I wish all live peaceful life in Zambia

dpcw article 10,hwpl,peace education,spread culture peace,
Peace For You, For Me and For Us together [HWPL Peace Education]  Let’s work together to spread the seeds of  peace~♥

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, 26th Peace Tour

‘HWPL Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee, 26th Peace Tour’ continued from ‘Man Hee Lee, Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour’


Footprints of the 26th Peace Tour at a Glance – Part 2

▶ Establishment of the HWPL Malaysia Branch

Building a Basis for the Initiation of  Diverse Peace Project including Peace Campaigns Advocating for the DPCW

HWPL, together with the IWPG, held the inauguration  ceremony for the HWPL Malaysia branch and the IWPG Malaysia branch on 31 January at the University of Malaya, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Peace, man hee lee

“I am so pleased HWPL has been reistered by the Government of Malaysia. From now on, I will actively contribute by doing diverse peace project including peace campaigns urging for the implementation of the DPCW. We cannot and should not take peace for granted, we have to work for it, we have to preserve it and keep it for the future generations,” explained Mr. Ghani Bin Ibrahim, Chairperson of the HWPL Malaysia branch.

More specifically, the yearly plan for 2018 of the HWPL Malaysia branch includes a campaign for the enactment of the principles of the DPCW of HWPL as an international law through the opening of peace clubs in each university starting from International Islamic University Malaysia with cooperation from the law schools. Every three months the members of the peace clubs will plan to gather and have a group discussion regarding further activities related to the DPCW.

▶ Religious Leaders to Discuss their Role in Peace building, Religious  Freedom. and Human Rights

On January 26th, an interfaith dialogue for peace building in the name of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office (WARP Office) was held at University of Makati in Metro Manila to promote understanding among religions and the peace activities of religious leaders. A total of 1,300 participants including religious representatives from Christianity and Islam and students from the University of Makati joined the event.

Rev. Acharya Prem Shankaranand Tirth, the Hindu High Priest of Shree Gita Ashram, explained, “I had very clear ideas regarding the boundaries of religion, but while I participated in the WARP offices, I realized that the names of god in each religion are different, but they have something in common: what God wanted to teach us was love and peace.”

“Religious individuals should love and respect others in the same way they love themselves. I would like to ask what kind of God the religious leader who attempts to force religious conversion believes in and what doctrine he is practicing. Religious leaders should not try to exclude different religions, but they should work together in harmony and do good in society,” he added regarding coercive conversion leading to the recent murder case in the Republic of Korea.


On January 31st the Conference for Interfaith Harmony was held at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur and was attended by 120 representatives and believers from Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Taoism. Following this, on February 1st in Myanmar the HWPL Religious Leaders’ Conference was held and around 600 individuals from religious and women’s groups, including religious leaders, participated.

On the same day, during an exclusive interview with MNA, a national news agency of Myanmar, HWPL’s Chairman Man Hee Lee explained about the meaning of the opening of the HWPL Religious Leader’s Conference, “We have the Peace Conference today in Myanmar because it is important to have conversation and dialogue between different religions on Myanmar where different faiths live together. Today in Myanmar we hope that this peace and cessation of the war in the world is the big-picture goal of everything we do.”

Among the religious events that were held during this peace tour in particular, HWPL presented about urged for a statement by religious leaders regarding the freedom of religion and human rights.

Mr. John Rommel Garces, General Director of the HWPL Philippine Branch, said, “For world peace, there is an increase in the suppression of distorted reports by some religious leaders of the Republic of Korea concerning HWPL, which is cooperating with religious leaders around the world without any distinction of religion. Thus, HWPL has issued a statement to further strengthen peace, the freedom of religion and human rights.”

Press and media in Myanmar play an important role in peace-making and cessation of war. HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee


▶ Discussion of the Establishment of the DPCW as a Legal Basis to bring forth a Peaceful Society in Myanmar

On February 2nd Yangon, Myanmar an international law seminar was held and attended by 130 government figures and lawyers, all aiming to seek effective ways to urge for the development of the DPCW and its enactment as a domestic document in Myanmar in the future.

peace seminar, hwpl

U Shein, the founding president of Happy, Healthy and Helping society gave her support by saying, “The DPCW, which was written by HWPL consists of 10 articles. It has many similarities with the constitution of Myanmar, which consists of 7 articles. This declaration is essential for Myanmar and needs to be supported.”

On the same day, about 350 young students gathered together to support the realization and introduction of peace education in Myanmar. The Deputy Director General of the Department of Higher Education and 10 representatives form different colleges and universities also participated in this event. The purpose for which this event was held was to lay the foundation for the application of peace education in the education field in Myanmar with a fundamental level of education that transcends any religion or ideology.

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