Eager for 2017 WARP Summit

Expectant 2017 WARP Peace Summit

World Peace is being fulfilled.

2017 WARP, World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit Teaser Video by HWPL


The World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit(WARP) was hosted and politicians and religious leaders from each nation made a pledge in sight of God and all the people of the world to cease war and achieve peace.

This is being fulfilled.

From religious was 120,000 people died in Mindanao, Philippines and politics, laws, military could not resolve this problem. However, together with Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL resolved it.

Also for all religions to  become in the world, the work of comparing scriptures is being done.

I’m very much looking forward to 2017 World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit.  Because world peace is near completion.

Let’s cheer for the 2017 WARP Summit together~


3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Peace Summit, Seoul 2017

WARP Office, Innovative Approach to Religious Dialog

WARP Office,
an Innovative Approach
to Religious Dialog

Source: http://hwpl.kr/initiative/alliance_religions

World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office,
An Innovative Approach to Religious Dialogue


The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Meetings are HWPL’s worldwide peace dialogue series in interfaith relations and scriptural texts. These meetings aim to prevent the conflicts caused by religious misunderstandings and bring forth peace through gaining deeper understandings of the standards and teachings of each religion and the concept of peace spoken about in each scripture. The Peace Offices that engage local and regional communities of all religions are arising all over the world. 179 offices are operating in 88 countries (as of July 2016), covering all continents, Europe, Oceania, America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, CIS and the numbers are increasing. Among various nations, global conflict zones such as the Middle East, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Nigeria have also opened WARP Offices and are taking proactive steps toward peace.

The Peace Office Meetings have become a global movement, and increasing numbers of influential religious leaders go beyond their roles and work as messengers of peace. This innovative task has stirred discussions among leaders of various faiths and has increased interaction between them. It has shown itself to be an effective tool to break down walls between religions and achieve our common goal: peace. These peace office meetings are becoming a way to create bridges between religions in all areas of the globe. Each successive peace meeting has become part of a larger global movement, increasing the number of influential religious leaders going beyond their roles and beginning the work as messengers of peace.


As messengers of peace (~.~), Wow~

By Interfaith Communication, The world of peace! the best heritage!!
Above all kinds of property, the peace is the best heritage to hand down to our later generation.
In World Alliance of ReligionsPeace (WARP) office, religious leaders from each country is gathering to compare their own scriptures to unify religion in one.


Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, As the Peace Ambassador

Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa,
As the Peace Ambassador, he will recommend and sponsor …
to declare Mr. Man Hee Lee


hwpl-member-usa         hwpl-member-usa-sikh


<Ambassador for Sikh Dharma/ Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa/ USA> 

I had never seen an event(WARP Peace Summit) on this large scale representing peace and the call for unity from all over the world among all religions.

This event was one of the most well organized events.

Even many governments and the UN probably cannot put up any event like this majestic WARP Peace Summit hosted by Mr. Man Hee Lee.

I will have no hesitation in recommending, sponsoring, and doing whatever I can to send the strong message to the UN, to the noble organization to declare Mr. Man Hee Lee, as the peace ambassador for this century.



Mr. Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, I agree with you.
I had never seen this event, WARP Peace Summit on this large scale representing peace and the call for unity from all over the world among all religions, too.
The most unforgettable moment to me was the card performance when watching WARP Peace Summit.
There are numerous people and organization that is acting out for peace. 
However, the war and terror hasn’t yet stopped.  
Can we make the war and terror stop? 

The answer of peace is in the HWPL. 
Because HWPL is just the organization which acts out with answer to achieve peace beyond nation, ethnic group, religion and belief. 
Footstep of light to actualize of Mr. Man Hee Lee, HWPL chairman ~! 
‘World Peace’ is coming true by the answer which suggested in WARP peace summit by HWPL.


Tells the WARP Peace Summit

World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit

Mr. Janis Durham, what did you think about your attending WARP Peace Summit?

Peace       hwpl-member-janis-austria

<General Secretary, Alevi Muslim Association/ Janis Durham/ Austria>

It’s a pleasure to join this (WARP Peace)summit.
I am grateful and it is impressive.
It was more than what the United Nations can do, to bring all the religions and all the religious leaders here in South Korea, in this center.
It is a great honor.

Janis Durham, thank you so much for your interview~


In order to hand down peaceful future, we need to achieve legislation of international law and world alliance of religions.
In alliance of religions’ peace office, religious leaders from each country is gathering to compare their own scriptures to unify religion in one.
The people on the globe should be the messenger of world peace and work for cessation of war, world peace with the same mind and the same will enthusiastically.
Let’s make world peace by putting our mind and the will together beyond nation, race and religion~!


⇓ ‘About WARP Office’ Refer to ⇓ Continue reading “Tells the WARP Peace Summit”

Tell about WARP Peace Summit by HWPL Publicity Ambassador

Tell about World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit by a Bahraini HWPL Publicity Ambassador

HWPL Publicity Ambassador, Yousif M. Buzaboon, spoke thus.

peace       hwpl-member-bahrain

<Chairman of the Bahrain Association/ Yousif M. Buzaboon/ Bahrain>

From today, the Republic of Korea will be recorded in world history as the country of peace.
Through the 170 countries gathered today (at the WARP Peace Summit by HWPL), the world will begin to change.

Mr. Yousif M. Buzaboon, thank you very much for granting an interview~ 

Refer to ☞ https://edelweisshwplpeace.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/effect-of-chairman-of-hwpl-man-hee-lee-and-bahraini-buzaboon/


※ By the virtue of peace activity of HWPL, the Republic of Korea is known as peace country around the world which is working for peace.
“World Peace” is the purpose of  all of us in a global village as well as HWPL.
If there are someone bothering achieving world peace, that is ridiculous~!!!


About HWPL, WARP Peace Summit -Emil Constantinescu

 About World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit

-Emil Constantinescu, 3rd President of Romania


<3rd President of Romania/ Emil Constantinescu/ Romania>

What happened here in Seoul was the first pragmatic approach.
Because as religious and political leaders, we all signed an agreement which is a pragmatic step in promotiong peace and to say categorically, ‘no!’ to wars.


Romania Peace     Peace

<HWPL Peace Advisory Council>

President of Academy for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin, President of Romania 1996-2000, Peace Advisory Council of HWPL
He supports and helps proactive and dynamic for world peace of HWPL.

Interview about World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit by Egyptian HWPL Member

Interview about World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit by an Egyptian HWPL Member

An Egyptian HWPL member, President of MCSED, Henny Ibrahim spoke thus.

hwpl-member-egypt-henny     Peace Egypt

<President of MCSED/ Henny Ibrahim/ Egypt>

 I think the added value of this summit is a nation, South Korea.
This WARP Peace Summit Comes from people to people,
not from government ot people.
This is wht it’s important and this is why it’s different.

Henny Ibrahim, thank you so much for giving an interview.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, HWPL is an international organization which pursues, to advocate for the implementation of international law on the cessation of war and world peace, the goal of resolving the present armed conflicts around the world in a peaceful manner.

HWPL WARP Summit Goals and Sweden WARP Office: Peace Q & A

HWPL WARP Summit Goals and Sweden WARP Office: Religious Leaders’ Q & A


peaceGoals of WARP Summit

1. To begin the process of establishing a universally applicable system of values focussing on aspects of morality and experience of life that bind us together as a global family.

 2. Establish a basic ideological foundation upon which a World Alliance of Religions can be built in order to bring conflicts founded on differing religious ideologies to an end.

 3. Draft and publicly make the Declaration of the World Alliance of Religions.

 4. Define the roles of cultural leaders, both secular and religious, in the creation and implementation of a new, heavenly culture.

Watch the Live Stream <HWPL WARP Summit 2016, Peace Festival >☞  ☞ ☞

 ☞ ☞ ☞ http://hwpl.kr/warp2016/livestream.php

1st HWPL Sweden Gothenburg WARP Office

The Sweden Branch of HWPL delivered great news from the Scandinavian Peninsula. On January 23, the first WARP Office meeting in Gothenburg was held, making it a great start to the new year. While participants actively discussed and held scripture dialogues in Stockholm and Malmo WARP Offices in 2015, words of mouth quickly spread to religious leaders in Gothenburg to start their own WARP Office meeting in 2016.

Just as news for peace starts to disseminate in Sweden, we anticipate world peace is not merely a remote goal. Religious leaders, who have earnest hearts for peace, gathered at the 1st Sweden Gothenburg WARP Office and discussed on the topic of ‘Peace According to the Scriptures.’ Let’s explore the responses to various questions from each representative of Islam, Krishna and Sikhism.

Does Your Scripture Have Records of When and How a Peaceful Nation Will Come?

HWPL PeaceAgha Yahya Khan (Islam/ The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chief Imam) | “The Quran states that the peaceful nation will come when we achieve one nation, and accepting a common belief. And Quran calls upon all religion who have one belief, and that is the belief of God. All people come between us and upon Allah. The main conflict between religions is God, and it is a common ground to join hands.

Second this is achieved only through absolute justice in every moment of life. And we should act according to the justice and have righteousness and share the things of Allah. These two points demonstrate how there is a peaceful nation.”

HWPL PeaceJahnava Karunamayi (Krishna/ Gothenburg Krishna Monk) | “There are many scriptures, which facilitate the principles. So the religious leaders must know how to facilitate all, and they can work with what they have in their hearts. And religious leaders must make sure they can work with others to make a peaceful society. And it is important for us to change our diet and sacrifice to the world and dedicate to God who is the most powerful. We all belong to him as he has different names of God, but it is the same no matter which religion we belong to.”

HWPL Peace
Amrik Singh (Sikhism/ Gothenburg Sikh Teacher) | “We have to have peace within ourselves. If in a cup there is no peace then all you can do use it for is as a paper, but if you have peace in it, then you can pour and give it to someone else. Peace is vital and it is always throughout history.”

HWPL PeaceKevin Sung (Religious study/ HWPL WARP Office Research Specialist) | “Peace in Hinduism is that when God is within us, we realize that we are within him, so then peace will come. Buddhism helps people remove the confusion caused as a result of their ego by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path. It describes that when people remove greed, peace and heaven will come, leading to the most peaceful world and heaven. Also, in the Islamic Quran it says that God leads those who follow him to a peaceful way, and from darkness to light.

In Matthew chapter 24 and the Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible, there are specific prophecies about the world of peace, which are recorded to be fulfilled at an appointed time. That time will be the last days, when Jesus Christ who shouted peace comes.

All religious scriptures have records about Peace. Both believers and non-believers in the world truly look forward to usher ina peaceful world. If religious leaders are at the forefront of collaborating and calling for peace, we may anticipate to live in that peaceful world, sooner.

Each Religion Is Shouting for Peace but Why Haven’t Wars and Conflicts of the World Ended?

Agha Yahya Khan (Islam/ The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chief Imam) | “Religion, and its principles and teachings, is love and there is no religion that teaches conflict. There are these things because there is misinterpretation and misunderstanding and is used only for their own good. And every religious conflict will come to an end because the religious teachings are in concern as they have a strong bond with the Creator. Justice is being the guide and will manifest evil.”

Jahnava Karunamayi (Krishna/ Gothenburg Krishna Monk) | “If I am an enemy of peace, we also need to transform ourselves in the heart. Almost everybody has souls and they are pure. Enemies, the enemies of God, make us to be exposed to bad things. True love is what we need and that is serving God because we are God’s children, and we can only control ourselves when we transform lust to love. God can purify us so we need this. And that is why peace is not achieved because we don’t practice it.”

Amrik Singh (Sikhism/ Gothenburg Sikh Teacher) | “Religions vary, there will always be conflicts. We have to face each and every day, and it is about choice and what you do. So it is a matter of choice.”

Kevin Sung (Religious study/ HWPL WARP Office Research Specialist) | “Hinduism or Buddhism say that because of people’s desire or anger wars and conflicts will not end. The Christian Bible says that with their lips people are seeking to perceive the will of the scripture and to find God, but their hearts are very far. These people attack and prosecute others, who go against their will, which may lead to conflict and war in society. If religious leaders are like this, then their followers who have been taught under them will also be like them, and so there will be no end to conflicts.”

The responses emphasized the importance of knowing the truth, the one that eradicates evil, within scripture in order to put an end to wars and conflicts. They also underlined that we have to change first if we hope for the world to change, regardless of which religion we belong to. We hope these written responses move the hearts of religious leaders throughout the world to actively pursue the work of peace through participating in WARP Offices.

What Is the Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace?

Agha Yahya Khan (Islam/ The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chief Imam) | “The religious leaders can guide mankind to the beautiful places of peace and love. It is a religion that takes the main role and religion rules over hearts and souls. Leaders should seek differences in opinions to achieve world peace and guide them and the minds of the people. And we should also promote world peace and religious studies.”

Jahnava Karunamayi (Krishna/ Gothenburg Krishna Monk) | “God is so powerful and religious leaders have to get out of the safe area and start thinking. We don’t understand, but we need to try and try to step forward and this is important, teach others. So we should find ourselves and also do a spiritual diet. We need to save the animals and have spiritual understandings. So I am thankful for this and this is great for peace.”

Amrik Singh (Sikhism/ Gothenburg Sikh Teacher) | “In Shikism there is choice which you can choose, and it is important for the leader to communicate with people. When the leader tries to communicate it is important to listen.”
Kevin Sung (Religious study/ HWPL WARP Office Research Specialist) | “The key word in all religious scriptures is ‘knowledge.’ If you don’t know, you cannot believe or put it into action. The most important thing, however, is to know whether it is correct knowledge or wrong knowledge. The standard of knowing whether it is correct or wrong is the religious scriptures.

If we realize the will of the scriptures and put it into action then we will try to fill our hearts with the good knowledge. If you don’t know the will of religious scriptures, however, you will have faith that is being led by your own thinking. The role of religious leaders for world peace, firstly, is to always reflect themselves in the scriptures and check whether they are sharing the correct knowledge to their followers.”

A flower of peace will soon blossom in Sweden as religious leaders who participated in the WARP Offices clearly perceive their roles in bringing peace and put them into actions. Participants mutually agreed upon their needs and responsibilities to bring peace, they pledged to further participate in the Scripture dialogue through upcoming WARP Office meetings.

“HWPL is doing a really wonderful job. We religious leaders, and all leaders in small level or high rank they should sit together. If we will sit together, we will respect each other and their opinions. One thing that is common between us is the Creator. All religious leaders should sit together. And then we can create a heavenly world.”


Here is the Answer to Achieving Peace, WARP Summit 2016!

The Answer to Achieving Peace is Here~!
2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit

The first day of WARP Summit 2014

hwpl peace
On the first day of WARP Summit, inspired by peace, 200,000 dedicative people from all levels of society gathered around Jamsil Olympic Stadium to witness the day which the new wave of peace had begun. The opening ceremony of WARP Summit was held in front of people from various nations.

☞ Here is the Answer to Achieving Peace, WARP Summit 2016 ☜


The Answer to Achieving Peace is Here, WARP Summit 2016

Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War as a cornerstone of legislation of peace

From the WARP Summit 2015, a series of discussions and meetings by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee consisting legal experts concluded the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) (See details on DPCW: peacelaw.org), which was proclaimed on March 14, 2016.

To leave peace as a legacy to future generations in this era, this declaration provides practical approaches to world peace including discouraging war potentials, dissuading war behavior, establishing religious harmony and spreading culture of peace. With this, the Legislate Peace Campaign, a global advocacy movement in support of the DPCW to build a legal foundation for peace, has gained much attention from civil society.


Actors of the global community become one in support of the legislation of peace

In September 2016, the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea. In the summit, members of NGOs, government representatives and intergovernmental organizations who represent our global communities will participate to discuss how to establish peace as a global norm for states and all citizens.

Based on the DPCW with its initiatives of global peace building, multilateral cooperation and multi-level (local, national and international) action plans will be discussed. For tangible results, this collective voice of global support for DPCW aimed at founding enforceable law will bring out practical approaches to global peace movement based on international cooperation and participation of civil society with the support from citizens.

Advocacy of Civil Society – The power of people can make this world a better place to live

According to the participants in the previous WARP summits, one of the most unique mechanism for peace in HWPL is making a unified voice for peace regardless of national, gender, religious and social backgrounds. Many peace activities by HWPL is based on voluntary and active participation of global citizens, especially women and youth.

This means that development plans for making an enforceable law to protect citizens from threats of violence of war, which will be discussed in the summit, will also be prepared by reflecting the voice of peace from the grassroots and network of civil society in each state.

Throughout advocacy forums for the DPCW and various committee meetings during the summit, individuals and organizations will discover the vision of peace building and muster future action plans dedicated to cooperation for materializing peace with the basis on the power of citizens.

In the high-level talks, governments take the noble responsibility of peace building

Governments are leading organizations of the global society representing how the world works. In the WARP Summit 2016, former heads of state, ministers, chairpersons of congress and justices of supreme courts from various countries will have a venue to discuss how the spirit of peace can be developed in their societies and how the role of government can be addressed to the extent that citizens in each country can be benefitted from the legislation of peace based on the DPCW.

These high-level talks will further discuss procedures for making effective rule of law for peace, necessary legal and social agreement at a national level, international cooperation for creating the environment of peace at a regional level, and possible approaches to developing peace as a universal norm by introduction in the United Nations.

International Religious Leaders’ Conference seeks the true way of religion as a bridge-builder of peace

Another peace building initiative offered by HWPL is the alliance of religions. Religions have been responsible for enlightening people with the knowledge of human spirit in relation to the property of the unseen. Nevertheless, religious boundaries have been one of the major hindrances of cooperation; misguided actions targeting unspecified individuals resulted in violence and challenges to peace in this world.

For this reason, interfaith dialogues in WARP offices around the world by religious leaders have actively been underway to seek cooperation among religions and their dedication to world peace. Since instructions of religions are based on the spirit of peace and harmony, alliance of religions for peace building based on inter-religious communication will shed light on how the world can overcome conflicts by seeking truth in religious scriptures.


In the summit, religious leaders will be gathered together to discuss how religions can make one voice for peace.

Heavenly Culture, To Bring Peace To the World

Heavenly Culture,
To Bring Peace
To the World

September. 18th Peace Festival

HWPL, WARP Peace Summit
<International Peace Law>

peace festivalpeacewarp peace summit

To advocate for the implementation of international law on the cessation of war and world peace

2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Peace Summit, September 18th Seoul 2016

2nd Annual Commemoration

man hee leeHand in Hand
We Can Make
This World
A Better
Place to Live

Inspired by the story of a man who ran to deliver the news of peace that revealed cessation of hostilities in the ancient Greeks, the global community put efforts to rejuvenate the spirit of peace through a world sporting event every 4 years to think of our world as one village with the principles of coexistence and sense of togetherness.

With the hope of global citizens to have a peaceful world in the face of ideological confrontation and greater possibility of military conflict during the Cold War era, the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the very moment for the globe hoping for restoration of a peaceful environment by all states transcending barriers that hinder cooperation.

 At the Olympics, the global community witnessed that the spirit of peace can overcome the pressure of force through diverse worldwide peace advocacy movements and the walls started to be broken down in our reality.

peace, hand in hand Two dozen years after the Seoul Olympics, the flame of hope with shouts of peace re-appeared at the same platform of the stadium at the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit in 2014. The global community was holding hands together, singing songs desiring for peace, and promised to work together, putting differences and barriers aside.

Through interactive conferences and peace & sports festival on demonstrating practical approaches to creating social conditions conducive to peace in our times, the WARP Summit 2016 will once again strengthen our solidarity in peacebuilding.

hwpl, Peace Festival
Peace Festival for people from all around the world <The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP Summit> -Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL)